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Most of the time finding a topic for a press release is easy—your company has a new product coming out or is increasing the services offered. Other times finding something to write about is difficult. You want to get some press for your company, but don’t want to waste anyone’s time with fluff. So what are some good ideas for any industry? Let’s take a look:

  1. Good ideaCommunity Involvement—If your company does charitable work in your community, write it up! Most local papers want stories like these, especially if the work your company completed made a pretty big impact. For example, a plumbing company who partners regularly with their Boys & Girls Club on career development could definitely share that in a press release.
  2. Conferences/Seminars—Is your company presenting at an industry-wide conference or are you hosting an educational seminar? Put it out to the press and, if you can, record it to share on your website and through social media.
  3. Milestones—These don’t necessarily have to be years in business, although those are easy to write. You can also use number of customers (the 10,000 customer) or number of awards or number of services rendered (100,000 oil changes.)
  4. Office or Company Changes—If you spent the last few months working on a new brand for your company or if your offices are moving, put it in a press release. Be sure to include the reasons behind the move or the new branding. If you have new offices or a new facility, consider offering a tour for the public.
  5. Timely News—If your company has a tie-in with a current event, write a press release. For example, a pest control company could write a helpful tips press release regarding controlling the Zika virus in their area. Moreover, they could offer a discounted rate for spraying for mosquitoes and encourage readers to contact them.
  6. eBooks & Newsletters—Offering up helpful advice in an eBook or a regular newsletter series is a great way to spark interest in your company. Put it on your site, on social media, and then send out a press release.
  7. Giveaways—Create a giveaway for your company, whether it’s services or products. Not only is it a great idea for a press release, but you can also encourage participation through email, social media, on your website, and through a podcast.

There are plenty of ideas out there to keep your business in the news, however, make sure you are focusing on quality and not quantity. You know how you hit unsubscribe when you get a thousand emails from one company? Don’t be that company with your press releases.

Tell us your press release idea in the comments.

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