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Don’t Post Anything That Would Make Your Mom Cry

August 22 2011

Many words have been spoken (and typed) about what kind of content you want out on the Internet to represent your company. One of the most steadfast rules is that you never want to insult your audience. Making them feel uncomfortable is easily one of the worst things you can do, as it associates your business with bad feelings. Read More

Cut the Crust Off Your PR Sandwich

August 16 2011

Remember when you were a kid and mom would make you a PB&J for lunch? You would always eat the insides of the sandwich (cut into triangles, of course!) and leave all the crust on the plate. When your mom would ask why you didn’t eat the entire sandwich, you’d say “I did!” You never knew why you didn’t like the crust, you just knew you didn’t. Read More

How to Maintain Your Credibility During a PR Crisis

August 15 2011

When you’re going through a PR crisis, your credibility is on the line. We live in an increasingly jaded society. People have been trained to believe the worst, and more times than not, they’re right to do so. After all, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire, so if you find yourself embroiled in controversy, most people are going to take the “guilty until proven innocent” approach to your case. Read More

How to Write Perfect Email Pitches

August 11 2011

Ah, the perfect email pitch. If such a thing exists, it’s extremely hard to nail down. And even a “perfect pitch” would need to be altered depending on who you’re sending it to, so it’ll never be the same. Read More

The Wrong Way to Give Product Samples to the Media

August 10 2011

You naturally want to give your product out to whoever will take it and put in a good word for you. But have you stopped to consider what the best way is to go about it? Shipping out your brand new miracle product is a great way to get some publicity, but you may find yourself getting burned if you don’t do it right. Read More

Top 5 Non-Profit PR Blunders

August 03 2011

When your funding depends on not offending the people who keep you afloat with their money, it’s important to keep your public relations dealings in check. Unfortunately, these five examples forgot to remember this during their big goofs. Read More

Does Your Company Have a Crisis Response Plan?

August 01 2011

What would you do if an unsatisfied customer or disgruntled employee decided to raise a little hell and cause problems for your company? Would you know how to respond, who to talk to? Read More

5 Tips for Involving Your Employees in Your PR Efforts

July 28 2011

Public Relations doesn’t have to be a solo effort. In fact, your entire company can be involved, including the secretary and everyone in the mail room! It just takes a little ingenuity and employees willing to help out. Read More

When to Tweet a Reporter (And When Not To)

July 22 2011

How do you tell when to talk to a reporter on Twitter and when not to? Like emailing them or calling them on the phone, there are certain things to consider first. You don’t want to come off as desperate or annoying, and this can happen even if you’re trying to come off as their friend. Read More

Walk a Mile in Your Client’s Shoes

July 20 2011

You’ve probably said some variation of this in the past to your client: “I fully understand where you’re coming from!” It can be in the context of coming up with a social media plan or aiding them with a problem they need to fix. But do you really understand their position? I mean fully grasp what all of this means to them on a business and personal level? Read More