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Ever had a situation with a customer that really wasn’t resolved via email? Perhaps you needed to be able to chat with them face to face in order to figure out the best way to resolve their situation? This situation pops up for many small business owners and employees, most often when there isn’t time to drive to where the customer’s location. Thankfully, we have Google+ Hangouts, where you can video chat with your customers at any time from a computer, tablet, smartphone.

You can use Hangouts for more than just video chatting your customers though. In fact, Hangouts are a great way to communicate creatively with your employees, your customers, and the world. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to incorporate Hangouts in your business.

  1. B2B - business to businessDemonstrations—In your work, do you routinely have to show customers how something works or how to make something work better? Doing a demonstration of your product on Hangouts not only provides valuable information for your customers, it also demonstrates your expertise with the products you sell.
  2. Giveaways—This is a great way to get people excited about your products. Just announce your company’s giveaway, along with the date and time for people to tune in. You could even have a special guest do the giveaway.
  3. Interviews—There are plenty of people in your industry who have been at it for years and really know the ins and outs of your business. Hangouts is a great place to interview them and share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Ask for questions from the audience before the program starts, select the best ones, and then ask your expert. Involving the audience this way means that they will stick around for the whole interview.
  4. Behind the Scenes—People love a sneak peek and using Hangouts to go behind the scenes will make the audience that much more excited about what you do. Another option would be to preview an event that you are hosting or sponsoring. Give your audience an inside look at what goes in to what you do.
  5. Feedback and Focus Groups—Your business relies on trusted friends and associates to help when making decisions about things like services, products, or even branding. Hangouts is a great way to gather all of them together to focus on a topic affecting your business. Plus by being face to face, the chance for errors in communication are greatly reduced than if you were emailing back and forth.

When it comes to tools like Google+ Hangouts, there are really no limits as to how a business can choose to use them. Plus Hangouts is easy to set up and run, which means no investment costs or downtime—a boon for small business.

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