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A Guide to Writing without Fluff

March 14 2012

Fluff … it worked nice on those high school research papers when you had to hit a minimum word count, but when it comes to composing marketing materials for your company, you want to do whatever it takes to eliminate the excess. Why? Because it’s easy for your message to get lost among the extra verbiage. Read More

How to Make a Name For Yourself Online

March 08 2012

In this day and age of instant communication, you think it would be much simpler to get the word about your business to interested parties. But often the opposite is true, and it’s a generally long and detailed process to make people understand how awesome you are. Read More

5 Simple Comma Rules to Live By

February 22 2012

Whether you are writing press releases, blog posts, or web content, it’s important that you have a decent grasp on some basic rules of punctuation. No one’s asking you to be a grammar god – after all, the days of college term papers are long gone. However, there are certain rules that simply make your writing more readable. Read More

Second Person vs. Third Person in Your Business Writing

February 16 2012

When you start a business, your plate gets piled high. Regardless of what industry you fall under, you’re much more than an owner. You handle client interaction, outreach, staffing, accounting … and the list goes on. Read More

5 Easy Ways to Get a Press Release Printed

February 15 2012

Though getting a press release printed in the newspaper or a magazine seems like a big project, it’s often an easier task than you think. One of the few things holding you back is the sheer volume of press releases out there competing against yours. How are you supposed to make yourself seen when chances are yours will never even make it out of the slush pile? Read More

Tips for Better Transitions in Your Writing

February 08 2012

If you aren’t a professional press release writer, then you may find that composing your releases doesn’t exactly come naturally. In fact, getting all the facts down on paper may leave you with a repetitive list that has you stretching and yawning halfway through. So the question is: how do you keep your news release from sounding repetitive? Read More

The 4 Grammatical Rules You Can Break in Blogging

February 02 2012

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make involves the style in which they write their posts. What usually happens is a new blogger will write the way they were taught in high school English class – formal and in third person. However, what these new bloggers fail to realize is that blogging is not about being formal. Read More

7 Common Proofreading Mistakes in Press Releases

January 30 2012

It may look easy, but it’s not. Crafting that perfect press release can take hours. Now imagine this: you spend hours and you finally have it worded exactly the way you want it. You send it off and cross your fingers hoping to get some good coverage. Read More

5 Writing Tips for Adding Life to Your Press Release

January 27 2012

Let’s be honest: people often don’t consider press releases to be the most interesting pieces to read. They’re all about giving the facts of a story in a quick and concise manner. Most press releases stick to the same old template and are loaded with buzzwords and corporate speak. Zzzzzz … Read More

Don’t Get “Snowed In”

January 25 2012

This time last year almost the entire country was blanketed by snow, and many people were simply stuck inside their homes or trapped in hotels and airports. While the weather is way more mellow this year, you could still get “snowed in.” That is, your business could! Read More