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Benefits of Outsourcing Press Release Writing

January 24 2012

Thinking about starting to use press releases as a way to get media coverage? Or perhaps you want to use them for search engine optimization purposes? Either way, we all know how useful they can be. But the thing about them is this: someone has to write them. Read More

Pick Up the Phone to Make Your Pitch

January 23 2012

Press releases. We write them in an attempt to capture the interest of overworked journalists. If we do a good enough job (and with a little luck), they’ll pick up the story and run with it. Read More

5 Signs You’ve Stumbled into a Bad Networking Event

January 18 2012

As noted a few months ago in our tongue-in-cheek post, networking events can prove pretty ridiculous. Sure, they can be a good place to make valuable connections, but oftentimes, they present you with the same old people time and time again. So how can you make sure you’re attending the right events and not wasting your time? Read More

4 Ways You’re Subconsciously Throwing Your Clients Under the Bus

January 12 2012

Fun fact about me: I had never heard the phrase “throwing someone under the bus” until I was well into my 20s. Somehow that phrase totally escaped me growing up. So naturally I was a little confused – not to mention concerned – when I first encountered it. Read More

5 Ways to Start the New Year with a Bang

January 09 2012

Anyone can make a New Year’s resolution. Heck, we all do, though “losing weight” and “finding more time for community service” quickly fades away once February hits. Read More

10 Ways to Improve Employee Relations

January 06 2012

With the New Year upon us, now is a great time to resolve to improve employee relations – the manner in which your organization’s administration interacts with employees. The better you get at employee relations, the happier your staff will be. The happier your staff, the more productive they will become. And as you can imagine, this will directly affect your bottom line. Read More

Top 6 Qualities of a Good Headline

December 19 2011

Thanks to social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it’s easier to share content than ever before. And if you’re using these tools, there’s a greater chance that people will read your business blog posts. However, this also places more importance on the title of your posts than in the past. Why? Well think about this: when someone Tweets your blog article, what do other people see? Your headline. That means they will choose whether or not to click on your blog based on your headline alone. No summaries. Probably no pictures. Read More

20 PR Twitter Accounts to Follow

December 14 2011

Looking for informative public relations related Twitter accounts to follow? Check out these 20 interesting and expert people for a daily (and sometimes constant) dose of information. Also, check out my original 30 PR Experts You Should Follow on Twitter. Read More

5 Unconventional Ways to Market Yourself as a PR Pro

December 13 2011

Are customers not taking you seriously or flat out ignoring you and your message? Then you may have to change tactics when marketing yourself. There’s a lot of noise and buzz out there so you can’t really blame the general public for feeling lost and confused! Read More

6 Ridiculous Types of People You Meet at Networking Events

November 29 2011

Networking events – place to make good contacts or waste of your time? Honestly, depending on the event and how you approach it, it could be either. But one thing’s for sure. Every event you attend will present you with the same ridiculous cast of characters. Sure they may look a bit different, but they’ll fit the mold. Read More