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It seems like everyone is on Pinterest these days. Whether it’s finding that perfect recipe or planning your dream house, Pinterest is a great way to gather all of your ideas in one place. It’s also a great place to gain new customers and make a little money. If you don’t already have a Pinterest Business account or if you have been using your personal one for your work, here are a few reasons to get one.

  • Pin ItIt’s Required—Pinterest would prefer if you are using their site to drive customers to your website or to sell products that you have a Pinterest for Business account. This would also mean that you agree to their terms of service.
  • Rich Pins—These types of pins will help make the most of your pins by adding more information. There are six types of rich pins—app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. For example, the app pins allow users to download your app without leaving Pinterest, product pins show pricing and where to buy, and place pins show users a map, address, and phone number.
  • Buyable Pins—Pinterest allows you to offer up your products through pins. You still get to handle shipping/receiving and all aspects of customer care, while still offering flexibility for your customer. They can purchase right when they want.
  • Promoted Pins—Just like a Facebook boosted post, you can also pay to promote your pins so that more people see them. You can use this to raise brand awareness, to promote a specific product, or to urge pinners to visit your website.
  • Analytics—Pinterest analytics are a great way to get more insight into how people use your website and what they like from it based on what they pin. It could be one specific blog post or a product that gets saved or liked. You can also use their analytics to see what other things your visitors are into. For example, if you run a children’s clothing boutique, your visitors might also be into kid’s crafts or kid friendly recipes. You can use these to build better content on your website and that content will be turned into pins.
  • Widget Builder—Pinterest also allows you to build widgets for your website and app to encourage traffic back and forth between the two. They are easy to build and a great way to stay connected with your customers.

Still not convinced? Check out Pinterest’s success stories to see how other companies have put Pinterest to work for them. You can also follow their blog to get more ideas like setting up a gift guide.

Have a successful business Pinterest account? What sets you apart from your competitors? Talk to us in the comments.

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