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“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”
– Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder

Is your company or organization suffering from PR bankruptcy? Have you created or maintained goodwill with the media by proactively distributing at least one press release a quarter over the past few years?

PR is like a bank account: If you add to it over time by distributing timely press releases, you will find it easier to get your truly newsworthy events covered by the media. Repetition leads to familiarity. In public relations, that’s more than half your battle: Getting the media familiar with your company or organization. If you establish a relationship with the media, you will also have an easier time conducting damage control when you suffer a PR crisis.

If you aren’t laying the groundwork to establish a presence in the media through press releases, especially by targeting trade publications and local newspapers, you will find it very hard to get media attention when you feel it is needed and warranted.

While a new product or service is a no-brainer, many companies are unsure what else constitutes a newsworthy idea for a press release.

Here are some ideas:

  • new or updated product or service
  • partnership with another company or organization
  • speaking or presenting at a major event
  • winning an award
  • being singled out for an accomplishment
  • community involvement
  • sponsorship of an event or team
  • scholarship or charitable contribution
  • office relocation or expanded facilities
  • patent filing or award
  • merger or acquisition
  • free information: teleclass, seminar, ebook, newsletter or white paper
  • free sample or service offer
  • company or product anniversary
  • company reorganization
  • celebrity endorsement
  • findings of a recent report, survey or poll
  • trade show exhibit
  • stock offering
  • financial or earnings update (quarterly or annual report)
  • securing of funding or credit
  • trend or industry outlook
  • expert opinion on subject within industry
  • new contract, grant or client
  • personnel change: retirement, new hire, resignation or death
  • name change (company, product or service)
  • advertising or marketing campaign
  • sales promotion or special offer
  • contest or sweepstakes
  • filing of a lawsuit
  • response to being named in a lawsuit
  • new or redesigned website
  • release of a book or report
  • tips sheet / feature articles (top 10 holiday gifts, spring gardening guide, etc.)

In these tough economic times, it might seem as though now is not the time to spend money on a press release, but in fact it is more important than ever. As companies struggle for business, you want to get your name out there and compete for media attention as well as industry exposure.

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