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Is it Really Important to Become an Expert in Your Field?

November 29 2013

You’ve no doubt read countless blogs parroting the same advice about becoming an “expert” in whatever field you work in. They claim that if the public sees you as a true professional in the industry it will lead to more sales and heightened respect for your company. For instance if you show you know everything about bird seed, every bird fan in the world will know your name and why they should listen to you. Read More

Time to Crush Your Dreams: Your PR Expectations Just Aren’t Realistic

November 28 2013

One of the main things I try to do with this blog is to motivate you and empower you to achieve greater things through your PR efforts. I try to provide you with the right information and tools to enable you to be more successful at spreading your message and building your brand. I’m certainly no Tony Robbins, but I do try to encourage you to pursue your goals and reach your PR dreams. Read More

Why You Should Never Ask Reporters For Interview Questions Ahead Of Time

November 27 2013

When you have a media interview looming on the horizon, you want to do everything in your power to make sure you’re prepared to absolutely nail it. You’ll be practicing with mock interviews, going over key sound bites in your head, studying your notes, and working your butt off to get ready for your big moment. You’ll probably be sweating a little bit too. Preparing for an interview can make even the most seasoned spokesperson or executive a little nervous. Read More

What NOT to do when a Reporter Rejects Your Pitch

November 26 2013

Rejection isn’t something that most of us handle well. From the time we were kids and a little boy or girl we had a crush on shot us down, we’ve never gotten used to the painful sting and disappointment of rejection. And the fact is that any kind of rejection sucks. It’s not just in love. Rejection in your business pursuits can hurt too, but I’m here to tell your right now – if you’re a PR person, it’s something you’d better get used to. Read More

5 of the Worst Things You Can Do on Twitter

November 22 2013

 Business owners love Twitter more and more with each passing day, but one of the consequences of so many new users is seeing the same mistakes over and over! Every day I notice one business doing this, that or the other to majorly anger their customer/fan base. To help them and you out, here are five things you should absolutely avoid doing on your business Twitter account.  Read More

Why You Should Be Using Video In Your PR Campaigns

November 21 2013

As a PR pro, you know that finding new ways to engage and excite your target audience is absolutely essential to achieving long-term success. Yes, press releases still work, but that doesn’t mean you should rely solely on them to spread your message. With a smart, multi-channel PR approach, you’ll give yourself a better chance of getting your news noticed and shared, maximizing exposure for your brand. Read More

Is the Reader at Fault if They Don’t Understand Your Press Release?

November 19 2013

We’ve all been there: you give your amazing press release to a coworker or friend and ask them to look it over. After a few anxious minutes they look up from the screen and give you that look – it’s a look that says, “I don’t know how to say this without sounding rude.” They eventually just tell you they didn’t understand what you were trying to say and quickly run away.  Read More

How to Master Busy Networking Events

November 15 2013

 Networking events can be amazing – you’ll meet countless people you would never be able to interact with otherwise in a face-to-face environment. They also give you a chance to make some strong business connections that can grow into a opportunities later on. Read More

Press Release Submission Rules You’re Forgetting

November 14 2013

Before you send that email you were about to send, how sure are you that you’ve been following all the press release submission rules? If you cocked your head to the side wondering what rules I’m talking about then it’s definitely time to hold up a second.  Read More

It’s Time to Audit Your Company’s Online Image

November 13 2013

“Image is everything” is a quote that’s been around for decades, but never has it ringed more true than in today’s world. As a result of social media, your image reaches more people, more often, than ever before. Think about it, your image used to comprise print ads, maybe some billboards, newspaper articles, and whatever coverage you got on TV ads or the news. Your image was basically what you made it. No one else really had much say in how you were portrayed. Sure there was always some negative press, but it wasn’t exactly easy for people to spread negative things about your brand. Read More