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Before doing a press release I had doubts – like are journalists really going to see these press releases or are they just going off into the abyss? I found that eReleases was really invested in the success of their customers. My business has been picked up in magazines and on TV and radio. eReleases will help you get your company in the news every step of the way.

Allebach Photography – Mike Allebach – Owner

Over 30 years we’ve used different press release services, and I’ve had nothing but difficulty. Service not on time, then being hounded to buy more. Just never satisfied. Now, after discovering eReleases, they’ve blown every other service out of the water. This is the one I’m sticking with.

Specialty Vehicle Engineering – David Hamburger, V.P.

Thanks for all the dedicated personal service you have shown us. We appreciate the one-on-one help we have received from you.
You will be happy to hear that the local business journal that we were targeting ran our press release as they were supposed to AND a reporter called us and did a small story on us.

We achieved exactly what we set out to do. Thanks!!

Stacy Burns

Marketing Communications Specialist, Superior Dental Care

eReleases Client Review - Superior Dental Care

I do a lot of business with companies in the US (I am based in Tokyo), but this is the FIRST time that any service provider has actually called me overseas. They were friendly, efficient, and personal. This, as much as the quality of their products, is the reason I have decided to do business with them going forward.

eReleases Client Review - David Russell

David Russell

Managing Director, Russell Communications Int’l

As an award winning publicist I have tried many release distribution channels over the years.

NONE compare to the eRealeases product and GREAT customer service.

It does not get any better.

J. Michael Palka

Senior Business Advisor, Marketing500

eReleases Client Review - J. Michael Palka

I’ve paid to have online press releases done for me over the past 10 years, and have never had anywhere near the fantastic results I’ve had with – and you can quote me on that!

I recommend them to anyone I know who wants to do press releases, period.

eReleases Client Review - Appeal Academy

Ernie de los Santos

Founder & Faculty Chair Appeal Academy

Thank you dear friends for your efforts.
We already have a huge story in Variety
thanks to you getting the press release out. It’s really great for us!

Natasha Shliapnikoff, Producer

eReleases Client Review - Natasha Shliapnikoff

Not having used a press release service before, I was a bit uneasy about making the choice between several other competitors of eReleases.

To my relief and delight, they made the entire process very simple and the results were very impressive.

On our first release, we got the attention of several key media outlets, two of which went on to do editorial features about us. Great experience so far.

eReleases Client Review - Revel Wine Cellars

Erin Hedley

Operations Manager Revel Custom Wine Cellars

I have had a fantastic experience with eReleases!

I have had some write-ups about my novel. You do have to have releases each month to gain the exposure you need.

It does work but you have to be prepared to stick to a good plan and well written releases and do this for at least a year or all the time if you have the money to gain the exposure for your company.

As a independent Author I am now starting to reap the rewards of my release plan I am very happy.

Sam Jane Brown

eReleases Client Review - Sam Jane Brown

I kicked off a press release campaign that involved 1 press release a week for 10 weeks.

I used a different service for each release to see, A) which gave me my best bang for the buck and B) which was these least painful to use.

eReleases was my favorite of them all. They have been my go to provider since then.

I can’t say enough about the customer service and how good it feels that there is a real person out there making an effort to help me push our press releases. To the whole eReleases team, thank you!

eReleases Client Review - Scarinci Hollenbeck

Peter Moeller

Director of Marketing & Communications, Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC

Actually the press release worked really well. It created a busy day… Good problem to have. Phones rang a lot this morning.

Will Treat

As I said in our news piece about eReleases, the truly great thing about you guys is that you really care about your clients. That’s so nice, a great comfort and quite rare in these hectic times. Really well done!

I’m already planning the next release. With the current release being the foundation of our strategy, I think it’s important that I keep ’em rolling.

eRleases Client Review - McCormack Ltd

Keith McCormack PhD

Head of Research, McCormack Ltd

When I launched the website, I did a press release with They walked me through the process and helped me with my headline. Then, after the press release was out there, I got published on sites like Yahoo Finance, and I got a report from them that included the stats of the press release. They also contacted me to make sure everything was good.

Honestly, it’s been the best investment I’ve made in my business just from the rankings and the traffic alone. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Kevin McClelland

eReleases Client Review - Kevin McClelland

Because of the release, I think Jim may be doing an interview with a pretty big radio station, so we are extremely happy with the results.

eReleases Client Review - mymozaic

Andres Garabis

In the three days since the press release was sent, we’ve received five media inquiries, one of them a call with the executive producer of a national morning TV show.

In addition to going through the PR Newswire portal, I feel that your guidance was a huge value add.

Getting eReleases’ value along with the power of the PR Newswire distribution engine is the best of both worlds.

Frank J. Rosello

Co-Founder & CEO Reflection Band

eReleases Client Review - Reflection Band

First let me say that the performance of your staff in assisting me in getting the press release in top form for distribution was outstanding. I didn’t expect to get copy support for the price so when I got the call from Amanda with some suggestions to improve the press release, it was a very nice and welcome surprise. I had every suggestion incorporated and I believe that they certainly contributed to the success of it.

And, a success it has been – two hours after the distribution occurred, I had a call from a business editor at Hearst Media’s Connecticut office, proposing to do a feature article in the Hearst CT outlets – CT Post, Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Times and Danbury News-Times.

A feature article then appeared in all of the foregoing local newspapers the next day, using most of its material directly from the press release.

I also greatly appreciated the follow-up “Ideas” letter that you sent. Your market positioning suggestion is precisely aligned with our own outlook and the ideas for successive press releases were very useful.

eReleases Client Review - yrConnected

Ray Keating

Managing Member, Pontimax Technologies & yrConnected

My experience with eReleases was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

Not too long ago, I used another press release company and was “somewhat” satisfied with the results (seeing how it was my first dealing with a press release company), but you guys knocked the ball COMPLETELY out of the park.

After about a week, I am still amazed at the amount of exposure I received from your company.

Needless to say, eReleases has a new regular.

Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

John W. Bowlin, Sr.

Bowlin Security Consulting, LLC

eReleases Client Review - John W. Bowlin, Sr.

I am very excited to have gotten the first one out the door. Here is the result of the first release – an article in “Financial Advisor”!

Thank you for your help!

eReleases Client Review - Catchfire Funding

Bill Seagraves

President & Founder, CatchFire Funding

Great job by everyone on your end!

264 pickups already, and 2 phone interviews!

Tom Zgainer

CEO, America’s Best 401k

eReleases Client Review - America's Best 401k

Did you see today’s coverage??? Honestly – I was shocked…

I’m pretty pleased with the surprise.

eReleases Client Review - Charles Cantu

Charles Cantu

CEO of Huddled Masses