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what is a newswire

Do you know what a newswire service is? Well, most people don’t, and in the case that you are one of those people. 

You’re in the right place. In this article, we will cover how a newswire relates to press release distribution, the benefits, and costs. 

If any of that interests you, keep reading and find out more about the service. 

Scroll down to discover what is a newswire.

What Is a Newswire?

In premise, a newswire is a type of service provisioning that distributes “news’ to journalists and editorial offices in the industrial, print, and online media groups. But it also contributes the news to databases, agencies, and outreach terminals.

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This type of service has existed for a long time, and can still be employed for use today. Originally, it has been executed through closed editorials, fax, or satellite. With the invention of Email, that has become significantly easier.

So the question is – “Do newswires have any use in this day”? We know they do, and here’s why.

This Is How a Newswire Works

So what is a newswire?

A company, which operates the newswire provisions a specialized distribution for all corporate correspondence. Thus, a sender does not have to send news via any channel, but via input on a newswire service, which will take care of the rest.

The options for distribution are multi-faceted and are variable by the provider. Most often they are based on email distribution databases, but they often take this a step forward and connect your news with other mediums of expression. 

This usually means that a newswire provider has set agreements with potential operators who are able to employ serviced messages in their system at an instant. By doing so, you can rest assured that your press release or news will appear in the editorial system at a moment’s notice, not to mention various terminals and databases, as well as the apps and websites.

How to Use a Newswire for Optimal Results?

By now, you probably realize how newswire makes correspondence much easier. However, in no way can they replace communication. A best practice when working with newswires is to create a balance between your traditional outreach communication and the technical results of a newswire. 

Direct communication and discussion with journalists is important, but do you really have to have strong relationships with them? Wouldn’t it be easier to ensure the outreach of your notification via a service that focuses on just that? 

In the realm of news, competition is plentiful, and it never stops being flooded. Thus, technical distributions are a primary means to address the overflowing nature of news and guarantee the reach of your message. 

Most importantly, a newswire allows a smaller team to stand out, despite their lack of relationship with journalists who can often become biased.

So What Are the Benefits of a Newswire?

Not without fault, but the benefits of a newswire are tremendous. And to understand what exactly they are, we need to take a closer look beyond their one-word meanings.


The most prominent value of a newswire is the opportunity for extending the presence of your company, no matter its size. If you are looking for new employees, fundraising, or crowdfunding – an index of your entire company news can provide potential partners and employees with the representation of growing momentum.

Without a presence, you have an absence. And that means nobody can find you.


Because you have full control over the content of the release, you can also implicate various SEO techniques within the context of the writing. Backlinks, keywords, flavorings. 

By employing the use of a newswire, you can bump up the strength of your website, links, and much more. Thus, you will see an increase of referral traffic from certain sources.

SEC Sync

Public companies need to execute SEC requirements for their earning disclosure, as well as the stock price impacts. A press release can be accommodated to work with you, and not against you. 

By syncing the distribution strategy with the inner team, you can make sure that everything is at is, so you don’t get an audit in the near future.

Is There Anything a Newswire Cannot Do?

As mentioned earlier, newswires are not without fault, and to understand if they are right for you, you might as well understand where they underwhelm. So let’s take a look.

SEO Stability

A newswire service will have an impact on your SEO, but it will only be temporary. Because of the ever-changing dynamic of the Google algorithm, the value of their SEO cannot be adapted to the change in policy or outlook. 

A press release cannot be edited on the spot, hence it cannot adapt to the newer strategies that you might have discovered.

Press Coverage

A newswire can only guarantee the distribution of your press release, it cannot guarantee coverage. They are valuable, but you should not rely on them to find journalists who will willingly take on your writing. 

You have to learn how to provide value that cannot be resisted.

What’s the Cost?

In premise, the cost of the distribution will vary, based on factors of press release length and the distribution method/quantity. Because your team will be performing direct outreach, email distribution is not that important. 

So if you want proper coverage, you don’t need proper distribution. In order to minimize the costs, you can simply choose the local distribution, and have just as much impact in terms of online posting.

They will also cover some national agencies because they might have a presence in your area of work.

Press Release Distribution for Small Businesses

What is a newswire? A valuable service, but remember that distributing a press release won’t guarantee coverage. Nonetheless, there are plenty of benefits to a newswire.

If you’re interested in our hyper-targeted distribution service, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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