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Does your business need to attract media attention, quickly?

Media coverage is one of the best possible ways to increase sales and get noticed, but how do you increase your media coverage? Issue a press release!

If you’ve ever thought about using press releases, they are a great way to help your company get noticed. They get picked up by local and national publications, help journalists, and allow you to control your messaging.

Wondering when and where to issue press releases? If so, keep reading to find five reasons why your company might be able to benefit from the advantages of a press release.

1. Announce a New Product

One of the top reasons for a press release is to share the news about a big announcement from your company. Often, this is announcing a new product, service, or opportunity.

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This may be a new line of clothing, an expanded list of services, or the release of a brand-new product that you’ve been working on for months.

Your company spends a huge amount of time, money, and energy to get your new product ready. So, the product launch is one of your first (and best) chances to get media coverage, attract attention, and start increasing sales.

When you have something exciting to share, time is money, and you need to let people know as soon as possible. However, media and PR workers often get many media releases per day.

Want to give your new product the best chance of success? Let us work with you to create a professional, engaging, and inspiring media release that will get the attention it deserves.

2. You Need Media Coverage ASAP

Sometimes, your company needs media coverage— yesterday. You need to reach a wide audience as quickly as possible.

This could be for a range of reasons, such as communicating a change in leadership, speaking out on an important issue, clarifying confusion, or announcing a new change that the media will need to know about.

But journalists, media, and influencers are extremely busy. And writing a press release is a fine art. How can you be sure that the media release will get read by its desired audience, and that it will inspire them to take action?

Don’t take the risk of doing it yourself— leave it to us. Our team of experienced and trained writers can craft the perfect media release for our business.

Taking into account your product, goals, and target audience, we can not only draft the media release, but we can also distribute to your exact audience.

Whether it’s based on location, demographics, or interests, we have a huge database of interested media contacts that will be interested to read your release.

In addition to a press release, you can help get media coverage by building ongoing relationships with journalists, setting clear goals, and being prepared with images, quotes, and data to accompany any media stories.

3. A Press Release Can Boost SEO

An unexpected way to use press releases can be to help boost your SEO and increase your web traffic.

When media use your media release to write and publish stories, they will usually include a link to your website.

While this helps direct readers to your website so they can learn more, they also create valuable backlinks to your site.

These are important for SEO, as they act as indicators to search engines such as Google that your business website is authoritative and important.

4. You Need to Centralize Your Message

In large companies, it can sometimes be tough to coordinate and centralize your messaging. If you have something you need to clarify, confirm, or deny, why not issue a press release to get your story heard?

This can be done internally, to communicate important updates to staff, or externally, if you need to reach a wider group.

A press release from your company is seen as the most official and reliable source of information about the company. You can craft it to say exactly what you want to say, clarifying anything as needed.

Press releases can provide vital information to staff, shareholders, interested parties, and the public. With our writing and marketing skills, we can work with your company to make sure your message is communicated accurately.

5. Promote Your Next Event

Why issue a press release? One of the most popular reasons is to generate publicity and interest for an upcoming event.

An event, such as charity gala dinner, fundraisers, parties, street festivals, conferences, or workshops are big events that may raise funds or increase awareness of your company or mission.

Local media often love to cover events, such as fundraising dinners, as they are great local interest stories that readers enjoy. But, the media need to be informed of the event before they can help with publicity.

If you can issue a media release in the lead-up to the event, along with the night before or the day of, you stand the best chance of success when it comes to getting the event notice.

Coverage on the nightly news, social media posts, or newspapers articles can help many more people learn about your event. This can lead to increased ticket sales, more awareness of your cause, celebrity support, or higher attendance at the event.

Our team are experts in writing media releases for your event and can increase your ROI by delivering the message to the right journalists.

Contact Us for Help With Your Next Press Release

As you can see, there are quite a few important reasons why you might want to create a press release. It’s the best way of communicating important information to the right people and generating much-needed media coverage.

If you need help with writing or distributing a media release, contact us today. Our professional team creates high-quality, tailored, and effective press releases that are sure to deliver results.

Get started today and our team looks forward to hearing you. We are glad to answer any questions about press releases and help your company see the success it deserves.

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