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Public Relations Nightmares that Aren’t that Big of a Deal

November 04 2013

You wake up in the morning and check your phone – uh oh, from the million and one messages, there must be trouble. Undoubtedly there was something done or said or some other scandal last night while you were asleep. Is it worth even going into the office today to fix it or should you just shut down the business and flee to Bolivia?  Read More

How One Word Can Change an Entire Email Campaign

October 31 2013

So much care goes into writing an email campaign that you can sometimes get “stuck” on the exact wording of parts of it. It’s almost like a weird form of writer’s block that affects you finalizing your email rather than writing it in the first place. Read More

Press Release Basics You’re Ignoring

October 30 2013

With so many press releases flying out there in the world, the smallest mistake can cause a huge problem. Reporters and interns have to look at thousands of press releases every week and they’re just BEGGING you to goof up so they can knock your press release out of contention for that particular edition. Read More

PR Apps That Should be in Your Toolkit

October 28 2013

Want to make your PR life easier? Of course you do – the simpler all your processes are the more you can get done in a day. The more you get done the happier you/your boss/the CEO/whoever is which also makes your life easier.  Read More

Know Your Audience When Sending a Press Release

October 24 2013

After completing a press release you naturally want everybody in the world to read it. Friends, neighbors, and every journalist you can find an email, phone number, or physical address for in the continental US and beyond would love it if it was up to you. The release is naturally the most important thing in the world, so why wouldn’t they want to read it?  Read More

How PR for Tech Companies Has Evolved

October 23 2013

Not every industry has taken to PR and social media as quickly as others. While small businesses, financial institutions, retailers and others have embraced what they need to do to be famous, others have been slow to the roll.  Read More

Don’t Give Up on Your Press Release No Matter What

October 21 2013

It’s easy to become frustrated when nobody will pick up your press release. You send it out a hundred times a week and get three “no thank you” messages and a whole lot of nothing. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially when you know you have a real, legit press release with a real message behind it.

It can be tempting to just scrap the thing and move on. However, you spent a lot of time on the press release. You’ve edited it down to perfection, sent it around to your peers to proofread, and even had some journalists say they love it but they just don’t have room. It’s obviously good, so it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet.

So what are you supposed to do? Here are some ideas to get some mileage out of your press release.  Read More

First, Get Your Staff Behind Your Rebrand

October 18 2013

Rebranding isn’t easy. Don’t believe me? Just Google “failed rebranding attempts” and take a look at the results on the first page. You’ll find example after example of companies that have tried to rebrand only to see their efforts fail. And not no-name companies either. We’re talking household names like JC Penney and Tropicana. Read More

The Importance of Diversifying the Anchor Text in Press Releases

October 16 2013

Once upon a time, choosing anchor text was easy enough. You simply chose the keywords you were targeting, and linked them. How much easier could it get? However, it has become clear over the last few years that Google is penalizing link builders who use the same anchor text over and over. Read More

Key Information You Should Know Before a Media Interview

October 15 2013

Whether you’re scheduling interviews for the CEO of your company or you’re the guy who’s going to be answering all the reporters’ tough questions, it’s essential that you’re adequately prepared for the interview. Now, when we talk about getting prepared for an interview, most people think about what information they need to go over to make sure they have a pre-canned answer for everything that could possibly asked. While that is important, that’s not all there is to proper preparation…or at least, that shouldn’t be all that there is to it.  Read More