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The Role of the Media in PR

October 14 2013

The relationship between public relations and the media has always been a symbiotic one, with both parties receiving help from the other in various ways. While it doesn’t always seem equal if you’re a PR pro trying to get a story in a major media outlet, you would without a doubt be worse off without access to the various forms of media. Read More

Controversial PR – When to Risk It?

October 11 2013

Is there ever a time to step a toe over the line? While most of our time as PR pros is making sure we don’t intentionally drive people away, once in a while someone suggest a campaign that has the potential to do just that…  And it works! But how?  Read More

Building the Perfect Media Kit

October 09 2013

What’s the most important aspect of a media kit? Is it eye-catching images? Fact-filled data sheets? Spot-on statistics? While all these things are important, the most vital thing you should put into your media kit is your personality.  Read More

Should You Be Contrarian When Responding To HARO Queries?

October 08 2013

One of my favorite ways to get media coverage and to become a go-to source for reporters is by using HARO. For anyone who doesn’t know, HARO is a free service that connects journalists with sources for their stories by sending out daily emails with queries from reporters. If you’re subscribed to HARO, you simply read the emails, identify any queries you’re qualified to respond to, and email the reporter. Read More

3 Different Types of Complaining Customers (And How to Deal with Them)

October 04 2013

You’re never going to make everyone happy in life and the sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. However, when it comes to that business you run, well you can’t really afford to adopt that “brush it off” attitude. Why? Well, bottom line is that more customers equal bigger profits. Conversely, losing customers means losing money. Read More

Can a 7th Grader Understand Your Press Release?

October 02 2013

When writing a press release, one of the most important things is to make sure your message gets delivered clearly. That’s why you need to make sure you avoid using jargon and buzzwords in your press releases. The average person won’t understand what you’re saying, and it will kill your press release. This is even more important in this day and age where press releases are often published online and distributed directly to your customers instead of only journalists. Read More

Social Media To-Do’s for Your Next Press Release

September 26 2013

The ideal outcome of a press release is it continues the conversation. After it’s printed or put up on a website the press release should invite readers to learn more about the company or issue it’s talking about. If it doesn’t do this, and readers immediately forget about the company, the press release has ultimately failed. It’s a harsh reality but it’s the truth.  Read More

Press Releases that Make No Sense… But Work Anyway

September 24 2013

Have you ever heard the phrase “the exception that proves the rule?” When you have a steadfast, unwavering rule, it’s inevitable something comes up that breaks it entirely. But when it does, it just shows how true the rule was in the first place because the exception is so “huh?” worthy.  Read More

3 New Social Media Services to Plug Your Campaign

September 23 2013

Unless we sign up for every single beta and create an account with every single new social platform, we’re likely going to miss one of two of the social media ‘next big things.” I know you’re a little too busy to vet every new social media experience, so I threw this list together so you can pick through and see if any of these work for you! Read More

Is the Press Release a Dying Art? (Hell No, of Course Not!)

September 20 2013

There’s been a lot of talk lately insinuating that the press release is dying out. I beg to differ. The fact is that the press release is still as important to your marketing plan as ever before. Its purpose and use is just changing a bit. But regardless of how you slice it, the press release is alive and kicking, and you’d be wise to make good use of it.
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