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Why Being a Good Listener is the Most Important Part of Networking

February 26 2014

We live in an egocentric culture. Many of us are lead to believe, from day one, that the world should revolve around us. It’s all about me, me, me. Well, it sounds great in theory, but it just isn’t true. And if that’s the way you choose to run your business, well…you’re going to fail. Read More

10 Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring an Event

February 21 2014

Have you been asked to sponsor an event like a trade show? Or maybe the thought has crossed your mind as a way to get good press? Here are a few questions you need to ask before making the decision. Read More

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Company’s Boilerplate?

February 18 2014

The boilerplate just might be the most overlooked part of the press release. We spend so much time obsessing over coming up with the perfect story angle, crafting an irresistible headline, and sucking in readers with a strong opening that we often don’t give our boilerplate a second thought. We just continue using the same one over and over, for months and even years at a time. Read More

How To: Finding the Best Email Campaign Output Rate

February 17 2014

While they don’t garner the same attention as “sexy” PR moves like Snapchat campaigns, email campaigns still have a fantastic ability to win customers over in more ways than one. Now that mobile is becoming even more of a big deal with consumers, getting an email from a favorite brand can make customers check a brand out – and make a purchase – faster than ever before. Read More

How to Repurpose Old Blogs

February 05 2014

At some point you’ll look back at your old content and wonder what it’s doing for you. An old blog may get a hit once in a blue moon, but mostly it’s just sitting there, not making you money anymore. It’s day is long past. Isn’t there anything you can do to make it work for you again?  Read More

Finding the Best Way to Say “Oops, Our Bad”

February 03 2014

Apologizing is never an easy thing to do. Even if it comes quickly to you, being humble and accepting blame is still a tough thing to swallow. After all, you have to admit that what you did was not only the wrong thing to do but so wrong it hurt someone physically, mentally, or spiritually. When you think about it, apologizing is pretty deep.  Read More

4 Blog Posts to Bring Your Readership Closer to You

January 31 2014

 Need some ideas for your blog? One great tip is to write posts that will make your readership and fan base understand you and your business a little better. Some blogs just have that magic touch of not only informing your base but letting them behind the curtain so they feel not just like customers, but like intimate parts of your company.  Read More

How to Use Reddit for PR

January 24 2014

 Reddit—it’s uncharted territory for most businesses. And who could blame them? The site is full of people just looking to rain on someone’s parade. The “Redditors” (as they like to be called) are notorious for their cynical, glass-half-empty attitudes and are ready, willing, and able to call out any BS that blips on their radar. It’s enough for the most seasoned PR pro to shake his head and walk away. Read More

Be Your Brand’s Superhero

January 15 2014

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Read More

Real World Interactions Lead to Better Online Results

January 10 2014

Do online PR campaigns and offline efforts mix, or do they make strange bedfellows? Over time I’ve realized it’s hard to have one without the other, despite the whole industry moving ever towards keeping their nose up against a tablet or smartphone. While engaging online can count for a lot, a real world interaction once in a while can make a big difference. Read More