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What to Cut From Your Last Press Release

July 07 2014

You want your press release to be lean and mean. All muscle, no fat. If your average celeb story in the paper is a sugary snack, press releases are healthy power bars that boost your business and get you through the day. Or something like that anyway.  Read More

When Press Releases are “Good Investments”

July 03 2014

You want your press release to be worth your time, energy, and money. Otherwise the entire endeavor is just an exercise in failure on some level. It’s fine to have a press release do “ok,” but in the end one that blows up and brings in a ton of money and fans is way more worth it. Read More

How to Leech Success Off Your Competitor’s Press Release

July 01 2014

Your rivals just put out one of the best press releases you’ve ever seen. It’s very informative, readable, and so fun to read you read it twice before realizing what you were doing. It’s so good you wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t spend all their resources crafting it.  Read More

Figuring Out Your PR Temperament

June 30 2014

 There are many things to measure in a public relations campaign. You can figure out your audience’s growth, interaction, and purchasing arcs, plus a ton of other things that can help you advance your business. These days, there are tools to measure practically every data point you can think of!  Read More

Facebook Makes It Harder to Reach Your Fans. What to Do?

June 27 2014

By now you’ve probably noticed that your Facebook views, likes, and everything else on your brand’s page have been reduced dramatically. This could send you into a panic since you’re going to naturally assume you’re doing something wrong or, worse, offended somebody and didn’t know it.  Read More

Tips to Using LinkedIn Every Day

June 25 2014

If you’re like many PR pros, you’re still trying to figure out how to incorporate LinkedIn into your daily strategy. The fact is many of us use the site for professional reasons, like finding new employees, but hardly ever think of it for public relations campaigns. Read More

Keeping PR Tasks Under Control

June 24 2014

Always feel like you’re running to catch up? Public relations is not a field for the unorganized or easily stressed out. When I first started out I wasn’t keen on suddenly cleaning up my act, but it happened in no time flat anyway. If I didn’t learn how to organize my career would’ve gone up in smoke in no time. There’s just too much to keep track of. Read More

How to Win Over the Locals

June 23 2014

 You want your PR campaign to win over as many people as possible. This goes for a nationwide audience as well as the locals in your area. However, they are two entirely different worlds, and not treating them as such can be a problem. Read More

Google Confirms the Importance of PR in SEO

June 20 2014

Most of us have always known that an inextricable link existed between PR and SEO. Earning brand mentions and links from various websites—whether via guest blogging, earned media, etc.—has long been considered to be good for increasing your search engine presence. However, it wasn’t until very recently that we got actual confirmation and behind the scenes insight into how important PR truly is in SEO. Read More

Why Reaching Out To Mega-Influencers Isn’t The Best Place To Start

June 13 2014

We all know that one of the best ways to spread your message across social media is to build relationships with influencers and turn them into brand ambassadors. When you have influential people with a devoted following recommending your product, sharing your content, or otherwise helping spread your message, you’ll be able to reach a new audience, grow your brand, and eventually, boost your bottom line. Read More