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Modern Press Release Problems Only Found in the Digital Age

July 17 2014

 Press releases have always been a tough sell. Several rounds of “gatekeepers” will read your press release and any one of them has the chance to stuff your release in the circular file. If it’s not practically perfect you have a slim chance of getting the attention you think you deserve.  Read More

Why Being a Guest on a Podcast is a Huge Deal

July 16 2014

Do you listen to podcasts on the way to the office, on the train, while exercising, or any other place? It’s quickly became the thing to do when you have time to do something repetitive but don’t have hands available, and the podcast marketplace has exploded. Some podcasts, like Nerdist and the Adam Carolla Show network, have even become empires.  Read More

Sprucing Up Your Google Plus Profile

July 15 2014

Still using Google Plus? While the social media service didn’t take off like Google thought it would, there is still a strong following clinging to it in hopes it stands the test of time. Many companies have also adopted the site as a great way to connect with their customers and fans. Read More

Should You Try to Incorporate National News to Your Social Media Posts?

July 14 2014

Your clothing store has been looking for a way to get back into the public’s eye, and an opportunity seems to drop into your lap one day. One of the big trends on Twitter that day is posting about clothes and “simple fashion.” The trend was inspired by a piece on the news that day about how the unemployed are striving to find decent clothes for job interviews.  Read More

Is Forcing Your Campaign to Act a Certain Way Harmful?

July 11 2014

You’ve got big plans for your PR campaign. You know exactly where it’s going to go, at what times, and how fast it should grow. You even know what kind of people you want to pay attention to your campaign and why they’ll tell all their friends and family about your company because of it.  Read More

How to React When Good Intentions Backfire Online

July 10 2014

You never set out to intentionally offend or irritate someone. Well, that’s assuming a lot, but I’m going to pretend you’re not out to actively derail your own business. Anyway, it’s typically a surprise when something you thought was totally innocuous turns out to be a newsworthy chance for you to rethink your entire life up to that point.  Read More

Historical Press Releases That Should Have Happened

July 09 2014

Have you ever looked back at a time in your company’s history and realized a press release would’ve fixed a lot of stuff? Maybe you went through a tough period where sales were down and hindsight told you your customers were mad at you for something you said and a well-constructed press release would’ve done the trick?  Read More

Why Do We Keep Forgetting About LinkedIn?

July 08 2014

How many times have we talked about social media and said something along the lines of “post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…and others!” Every time we do that, poor LinkedIn dies a little on the inside. Read More

What to Cut From Your Last Press Release

July 07 2014

You want your press release to be lean and mean. All muscle, no fat. If your average celeb story in the paper is a sugary snack, press releases are healthy power bars that boost your business and get you through the day. Or something like that anyway.  Read More

When Press Releases are “Good Investments”

July 03 2014

You want your press release to be worth your time, energy, and money. Otherwise the entire endeavor is just an exercise in failure on some level. It’s fine to have a press release do “ok,” but in the end one that blows up and brings in a ton of money and fans is way more worth it. Read More