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4 PR Moves to Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign

June 11 2014

Whether you’re using Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another crowdfunding website, you need to find ways to get people interested in your project and giving out their hard-earned money. If you don’t, your campaign might fail and your project could fall on its face.  Read More

Coke is Killing the Press Release. Should You do the Same?

June 09 2014

For years, people have been proclaiming the death of the press release, yet thousands of press releases still get sent out every single day. But when Coca-Cola announced that it was on a mission to “kill the press release,” people started to take notice, and some questioned whether they should follow suit. Read More

How to Properly Research a Reporter before You Pitch Them

June 06 2014

I’ve always believed that the better you know a reporter, the more effectively you can pitch them. When you truly understand a reporter’s interests, his or her audience, how he or she likes to be pitched, and other important details, you’re better equipped to create a personalized pitch they’ll notice and respond to. And plus, reporters appreciate when you know who the hell they are. Read More

Can National Press Releases Still Feel Local?

June 05 2014

PR pros know how important the “neighborly” feel of a local press release can be. If a small company successfully pulls it off, the local community feels tied to them somehow, like they’re part of a home team. People in the town will check the business out just for the fact the company is “one of them.”  Read More

Video Best Practices for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

June 03 2014

Crowdfunding only works if you capture your audience’s attention. Like it or not, a video is absolutely the best way to get that attention, no matter what your ultimate project will be.

Read More

Press Releases that Have Little Chance of Making it

May 30 2014

Look, I’m not saying press releases that meet the criteria on the list below are GOING to fail. If you’ve written up one of the following press releases and you feel like taking a chance, go for it. The funny thing about press releases is they can be fairly unpredictable – just like the average day in a newsroom. Read More

How To Create the Perfect Infographic for Guest Blogs

May 29 2014

Getting the opportunity to create a guest post for a blog is a wonderful opportunity to expand your readership and fan base. Often these blogs have their own established readers who will check them out every single day, meaning you automatically have a lot of people who will check out your blog if they find your post interesting or intriguing.  Read More

Why Limiting Your Social Media Options May be for the Best

May 27 2014

Most PR pros know that social media is one of the best ways to reach customers in this day and age. Facebook is flooded with users, Twitter connects every sort of person in the blink of an eye, and LinkedIn brings in tons of professionals from all over the world.  Read More

When Good Press Releases Go Bad

May 15 2014

Every PR pros dreams of the day when their press release gets snatched up by the magazine, newspaper, or website of their choice. They imagine all the great hits they’ll get, showing that all their hard work was worth it.  Read More

Little Known Facts About Working in PR

May 14 2014

Think you have a good idea what working in PR is all about? You may have seen a TV show (think Samantha on Sex and the City) or otherwise have an idea of what a glamorous life PR pros lead. This may also make you want to get into public relations yourself to get into this fabulous, high octane lifestyle.  Read More