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Is It Worth Your Time to Talk to Fans on Web Forums?

May 12 2014

PR blogs have long been touting the benefits of hunting down future fans on web forums. The idea is that you want to go where your customers already are, and they are talking to each other on websites all over the net. If you’re not actively going where they are, you’re missing opportunities to speak with people who could be lifelong fans.  Read More

Blog Posts Your Audience is Sick of Seeing

May 09 2014

Looking for new ideas for your blog? You might want to look elsewhere. However, taking a look at blog posts you should never write again can also be helpful as they can show you what NOT to do.  Read More

The Shocking Truths Behind “Viral Videos”

May 08 2014

I can’t tell you how many stories I hear of clueless CEOs who go out to their PR team and tell them to “make us a viral video.” Not knowing how the web really works, they think it’s as simple as coming up with the most genius idea ever, filming it, and collecting the money from the Internet truck that pulls up to your house (or something like that).  Read More

Why Your First Paragraph in a Press Release is Crucial to Success

May 07 2014

 There are many vital parts to a press release. Ideally, you want each and every aspect of the piece to be as amazing as possible, especially when you take into account how difficult it is for yours to get noticed by anyone.  Read More

Twitter Chats Every PR Pro Should Participate In

May 06 2014

Twitter is much more than a place to read what your friends had for lunch or the latest celebrity gossip. It also isn’t just a place to talk with your fans and customers to build relationships. PR pros know that Twitter is a great place to connect with others in the industry and “talk shop” to find out the latest tactics and strategies.  Read More

When You Need to Take a PR “Sick Day”

May 02 2014

I don’t get sick a lot, but when I do, it hits me like a ton of bricks. I’m laid up for a few days hacking my brains out and trying to breathe the best I can just hoping it will pass by soon. Recently my bi-annual bout hit me and I was forced to take a week off. Well, I still worked from my bed, but it’s like I was taking sick days.  Read More

Big Ideas for Small Press Releases

May 01 2014

Writing a press release as a small company can be even more strenuous then if you work at a huge corporation. You know your little story out of your independent soda company might have a smaller audience than, say, Coca-Cola, simply from the fact you’re not as powerful. They have a louder voice than you do so it’s difficult to get heard.  Read More

On a Roll? How to Stay on It

April 29 2014

Getting on a roll is “easy,” so to speak. When you encounter a PR move that brings you success, it’s often sudden and seemingly out of nowhere. You’ve tried things in the past that didn’t work, but suddenly and for whatever reason this particular idea you came up with took off. Now you’re on a roll and people love you.  Read More

Turning a Press Release Into a Viral Video

April 24 2014

Whether a press release gets printed by all the media outlets you wanted it to or completely tanks, there’s always a sense that there’s nothing else you can do with it. Its purpose has been used up and aside from plopping it up on your website’s “news” page, there’s no reason to keep it around. Read More

Do These Things After You’ve Received Media Coverage

April 18 2014

You spend a lot of time and money trying to get earned media. It’s a never-ending war filled with constant defeats in battle. But when you finally do receive positive media coverage, it’s a great feeling, right? What a lot of people don’t realize, however, is that your work isn’t finished. Now, you need to capitalize on your coverage to squeeze as much out of it as you can. Read More