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PR Isn’t Your Ticket to Overnight Success

August 04 2014

At some point, every small to medium sized business has a divine revelation: continued growth depends on generating excitement out in the public. If people don’t become more interested, things will stall. And this is true, to an extent. However, the problem with this is that many newbies tend to handle it the wrong way. Read More

Influencers Come in Every Shape and Size

August 01 2014

Traditionally speaking, why do you write a press release? That’s an easy one, right? You want a journalist to see it, feel like your news really is news, use it to write a story, and get some eyes on your company. And it’s a good plan. Read More

Do You Make a Good First Impression?

July 31 2014

Everyone’s heard it before. In fact, your mother may have told you when you were a little kid—you only get one chance at a first impression. Furthermore, it’s common knowledge that most people judge you within seconds of meeting you. Read More

Are Your Email Pitches Getting Flagged as SPAM?

July 30 2014

Email can be a great avenue for delivering pitches and getting coverage for your news and events. However, it has to be done correctly. Failing to do things right could cause your emails to end up in SPAM boxes everywhere. Which means you’re just wasting your time and hurting your brand. How can you fix it? Read More

What Some Top Brands Can Teach You About Facebook Presence

July 29 2014

Every brand can teach you something about running a Facebook page, be it positive or negative. Occasionally you run across a brand page that can really demonstrate what works… and what sends customers screaming.  Read More

What Puppies can Tell You About Social Media

July 28 2014

Puppies? Isn’t the Internet all about cats? While that is undoubtedly true, puppies are still near and dear to our hearts with their adorable ridiculousness.  Read More

Handy Tips for Training a New Employee on Social Media Practices

July 25 2014

Congratulations, it’s time to hire a new person to the team! This is always an exciting time as it signifies that you’re headed in the right direction. You’re doing enough things right and you need to hand certain tasks off to other people.  Read More

Turning Your “Luck” Around

July 24 2014

What bad luck! That big client you were going to snag next week had something come up and now you can’t seem to reschedule the meeting. Also, you goofed up a price on your website and now you have an angry mob at your doorstep. Plus, the press release you wanted to send out had to be rewritten so you missed an important deadline. What rotten luck! What else could go wrong?  Read More

3 Steps to a Great Viral Video

July 23 2014

Ok, the title is a little misleading. “Go make me a viral video” is the call of the CEO these days. To their defense it seems so easy – make a crazy or controversial video and get spread across the Internet. Why doesn’t everyone do it?

Read More

Press Releases You Should Never Write

July 22 2014

While press releases are still a great way to gain exposure through traditional media, sometimes PR pros take them a little too far. In fact, it’s easy to make even the toughest editor (or an intern) weep when they see yet another press release that should’ve never been written, much less actually sent out.  Read More