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About 65% of marketers struggle to create engaging and Google-loved content. Meanwhile, small businesses with blogs generate 126% higher lead growth than others. Those who blog are 14 times more likely to see a positive ROI. About 70% of US companies actively invest in content marketing, too. Consider adding press releases to your content marketing strategy this year. Press release writing can help you gain media coverage.

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You can stand out from competitors and draw more customers to your website.

Then, you can increase leads and sales, improve your ROI, and set your business up for success.

You don’t have to learn how to write a press release alone! Instead, consider these 10 benefits of requesting press release writing services. You can hire a press release writer and start boosting brand awareness with ease.

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Keep reading to discover the amazing benefits of hiring a professional press release writer today.

1. Write for Your Audience

About 77% of all internet users read blogs. Businesses that blog generate 126% more website traffic than others. In fact, 61% of customers have made a purchase after reading blog content.

With press release writing, you can reach your target audience. You can draw them to your website to inform and engage them, too.

Before hiring a press release writer, make sure they understand your target audience. They can write with your customers in mind. Take the time to determine who your customers are based on:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Buying behaviors
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Pain points
  • Language
  • Education

Once you determine who your customers are, you can learn how to write a press release for that audience. You’ll also need to find publications that already reach that audience.

If your press release doesn’t appeal to a publication’s audience, they won’t publish your release. Instead, they’ll look for a release that offers their readers valuable, exclusive information.

Researching and writing for your target audience can get exhaustive and time-consuming. Instead, hire a professional press release writer. They’ll know how to adjust their voice and tone with your audience in mind.

They’ll also know how to frame your press release to ensure it conveys value to your readers.

In fact, a talented press release writer will know how to write for your consumers and journalists. They’ll make sure you follow each publication’s requirements and guidelines. Then, you can increase your chances of getting the release published.

2. Use Accurate Formatting

Learning how to write a press release can get confusing. You’ll need to make sure you’re following the correct format. You’ll also need to make sure the piece is worth publishing.

Instead of struggling with the formatting on your own, consider professional press release writing services.

A professional writer already has experienced following the correct format. They’ll know how to organize your release with publications in mind.

If your press release isn’t formatted properly, journalists could toss it straight into the trash bin. You’ll miss the chance to reach potential customers if that happens.

Instead, increase your chances of gaining media exposure and generating results. Hire a press release writer. Make sure they have years of experience.

Take a look at the previous press releases they’ve created, too.

Your professional writer will know how to write a press release like a journalist.

For example, journalists write using the inverted pyramid style. They place the most important information at the top, in the lede paragraph. Then, they add supporting information throughout the rest of the piece.

If they need to shorten the press release, they’ll start from the bottom.

Your professional writer will know how to avoid fluff, too. If your press release writing is full of fluff, it won’t provide the readers with value.

It’s also important to make sure your release includes a who, what, when, where, how, and why. If your lede is missing this information, readers might not continue down the page.

There are a few other elements you’ll need to include within your press release, including:

  • “For Immediate Release” or a release date
  • Your city and state
  • A boilerplate
  • The headline and subheading
  • Supporting details
  • Statistics or a pull quote
  • The press contact’s information

Your professional writer will make sure you include all the necessary information within your release.

3. Thorough Editing

Journalists skim through hundreds of press releases every day. It’s not enough to make sure it’s formatted correctly. You also need to make sure it’s edited, too.

If you don’t have much editing experience, don’t worry. You can rely on your professional press release writer instead. They’ll thoroughly edit your release to make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors.

If there are issues, journalists might stop reading before they reach the bottom. They could toss your release out and choose another instead.

Don’t try to take the do-it-yourself approach with press release writing. Instead, choose a professional who can meet a journalist’s standards. For example, they can review your release for the:

  • Tone
  • Voice
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Formation
  • AP/Journalistic writing style

If you lack experience with press release writing, you might not even realize you’re making mistakes until it’s too late.

4. Successful Pitches

Once you create the perfect press release, you’ll also need to create a strong pitch email. In fact, journalists read the email subject line and pitch before the release itself. If you don’t have a strong pitch, they won’t even glance at your press release.

Creating a strong pitch email is an art. It might take a little trial and error before you get it right.

Instead of wasting valuable time trying to create the perfect pitch, consider press release writing services. Choose a company that can write, edit, and distribute your press releases.

These companies already have experience writing pitch letters. In fact, they have connections with journalists, too. They’ll know what journalists expect from a strong pitch.

Working with a professional press release writing team can set your pitch and release up for success.

5. Stronger SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your press release rank higher on search engines like Google. A higher ranking can help you generate brand awareness. You can also generate more website traffic, leads, and sales.

If you’re unfamiliar with SEO writing, consult a professional press release writer. They can write and format your press release with SEO in mind.

Their services can help you reach the top of a search engine results page. You can establish your credibility in the industry and boost brand visibility.

Then, your press release can help drive your business toward growth and success.

6. Increase Your Credibility

A messy, lackluster press release won’t benefit your business. Instead, you need a release that can help establish your credibility. To boost your brand’s credibility, you need to appear in the right publications.

With professional press release writing services, you can boost your credibility. Establishing your credibility can help brand trust grow. Then, you can retain loyal customers to improve your ROI.

A professional press release writing company will make sure you have a strong press release. They’ll make sure your release appears in the right publications, too.

Some companies even work with influencers. Influencers can share your release with their existing audience. You can leverage their existing brand trust and loyalty to boost your own.

7. Save Valuable Time

You’re already busy trying to run your business and help your customers. How much time in the day do you have to write press releases? You’ll need to edit, write pitches, and distribute each release, too.

Don’t waste your valuable time. Instead, consider press release writing services.

A professional press release writer can handle the entire situation for you. You can focus on your business while they help boost your business.

8. Use Their Connections

Remember, professional press release writers already have connections in the industry. You can leverage their connections to boost your business.

For example, a professional writer might have connections with journalists or publications relevant to your industry. They can leverage those connections to ensure your press release gets published.

9. Remain Competitive

About 72% of marketers say content marketing increases customer engagement. In fact, content marketing is 3 times more cost-effective for lead generation than paid advertising.

About 64% of marketers outsource content writing, too.

Working with a professional press release writer can help you remain competitive.

You can start reaching more customers online. As you improve your SEO ranking, you’ll also rank ahead of the competition. Consumers will see your business before anyone else’s.

You can boost brand awareness, website traffic, leads, and sales. With media coverage, you can boost your business and get ahead of the competition.

10. Experience and Expertise

If you don’t have a lot of experience writing press releases, you could make costly mistakes. Don’t sweat it. Instead, hire a press release writer.

You can leverage their years of experience and expertise. With their help, you can produce attention-grabbing releases with ease.

Write It Right: 10 Benefits of Choosing Professional Press Release Writing Services

Don’t give your competitors the chance to get ahead this year. Instead, consider these benefits of hiring professional press release writing services. With a professional writer at your side, you can gain the media coverage you need.

You can generate more brand awareness, boost traffic to your site, and grow your business this year.

Eager to get started? We’re here to help.

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