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Have you considered the importance of press releases to your marketing strategy?

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A press release is a written or recorded piece of communication sent to media outlets covering important news about your company. The primary purpose of a press release is to capture the attention and interest of news distribution channels, journalists, and publications.

Getting a journalist’s attention will help you get a lot of coverage as. If you’re considering using press releases, hire the best press release service.

The best press release service can help you transform your company by using the right strategy. But how do you find the right company to work with? Below are factors that set the best press release service apart from the rest:

They Have a Lot of Traffic

Consider how much traffic the press release distribution gets. Check out the distribution’s website to determine daily traffic. This information is essential to help you avoid wasting your money on non-performing press release services.

You can also take advantage of software tools to determine a press release website’s ranking information. This ultimately helps you identify a website’s traffic numbers.

High-traffic websites often have more visitors and are often watched by other sites and search engines. However, ensure that you don’t base your search only on these criteria. While a lot of traffic could mean a reputable press release service, you should also consider other factors on this list.

Check the Type of Distribution Channels Offered by the Press Release Service

Different press release services have different distribution channels. Check what media outlets, newswire services, and sites they distribute press releases to.

In most cases, many press release services offer their services based on the membership subscription you choose. For instance, gold members of a distribution service may have access to more channels than a bronze member.

The premium memberships often have more channels for clients to choose from. The types of distribution channels a service has should tell you whether to hire them or not. Remember to check if they offer more localized distribution channel options.

Check Out their Cost

Before choosing a press release service, it’s essential to look at your finances and marketing needs. This helps you allocate the proper budget based on your financial capabilities and the services you need from the press release.

After determining your needs, look for a press release company that will help you meet these needs at an affordable price.

Ensure you compare different press release service providers’ costs and their service offerings. Remember that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean high-quality service. And a cheaper option doesn’t mean low-quality service.

Check each press release service provider and compare their prices. Settle for the best service based on your needs and budget.

Experts advise that you don’t leave a good service provider because they are a little bit pricey. However, in some cases, increasing your budget might negatively affect your finances.

Therefore, ensure you go for a press release service that’s within your budget. Compare all their features and choose a service that offers you all the required features at an affordable price.

It Has an Easy-to-Use Interface

You will want to work with a press release service with an easy-to-use user interface. How intuitive is the press release platform’s interface? Fortunately, many press release distribution services give their clients a free trial period to distribute their releases for free.

This free trial gives you access to video, text, and photo instructions and demonstrations on using their press release platform. Ensure you take advantage of this free trial period to review the platform and its services before settling for a paid version.

Check how comfortable you are with the user interface and determine if the service meets your company’s needs. If the platform is too complex, your team may miss out on important functions and features that could help you improve your results.

They Should Also Have Analytics

A reputable press release distribution service should have a way to measure your progress and offer you meaningful data from your efforts.

Using a service that doesn’t offer you a way to measure, track or monitor your efforts will not result in significant growth. How can you know if you’re moving ahead or lagging if you don’t measure and evaluate your success?

Ensure you choose a press release service that offers you the tools to measure, track and analyze your success. Evaluate the engagement and performance data of every press release. This will help you make informed decisions about your press release strategy.

They Offer Additional Features and Add-ons

Make sure you check whether the press release company offers any extra features or services. Compare the add-ons from different service providers. For example, check whether the service allows their clients to add images, graphics, videos, and links.

Do they also have social media sharing features? Can you also include a logo of your business in your press release? Adding a logo to your publication helps you personalize the release, while having a social media sharing option allows you to increase your reach.

Check for Guaranteed Placement

A press release can’t be successful unless it reaches your target audience and is viewed extensively.  To guarantee success and get your target audience to view it, you must distribute the press release across a more comprehensive network range.

Therefore, when choosing the best press release service provider, ensure you take into account their network coverage and distribution service. Check whether the provider offers guaranteed placement. If they do, then you can go ahead and hire their services.

However, be very careful not to hire a press release service that doesn’t guarantee placement of your press releases to high-value news sites and networks. Going with such a service will only waste your time and money. Therefore, there is no point in moving forward with such a service.

Always Choose High-Quality Services Over Quantity

When shopping for a press release service provider, you will find many companies offering too many services at a low price. Don’t get overwhelmed with such services. Ensure you always choose quality over quantity.

When sharing a press release, it’s essential to focus more on its quality and relevance. The primary purpose of distributing a press release is to share relevant information with your target audience. You will not achieve this goal if you don’t share an engaging, interesting, and high-quality press release you will not achieve this goal.

Some press release services often distribute their client’s news releases to thousands of journalists and newsrooms. However, if the software doesn’t place the release properly, you will not get the results you expect.

The best press release platform will focus more on the method and quality of placement when distributing your news. Not the number of journalists.

Check for a Service That Prioritizes Journalists Over Newsrooms

Low-quality press release services often send their client’s press releases to newsrooms only instead of sharing them with journalists too. Sending a release to a newsroom alone will not get you the desired visibility you need. This means that your release may not reach your targeted audience.

If you’re wondering why your news releases are not getting the traction they need, chances are you’re only sharing with newsrooms.

If you’re looking for adequate coverage, ensure you share your press releases with journalists instead of newsrooms only. Journalists are in charge of getting your press releases the media coverage they need.

However, when the press release is only shared with a newsroom, it’s difficult for journalists to see it. This means you will miss out on the media coverage you need.

Therefore, select a service that forwards your news releases to journalists instead of newsrooms. Journalists are more interested in covering news pieces about your industry than newsrooms are.

Are You Ready To Hire the Best Press Release Service?

When you are ready to hire the best press release service, ensure you factor in these elements. They will help you identify a high-quality service that aligns with your goals and vision while guaranteeing success.

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