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The Wrong Way to Use Keywords in Press Releases

January 26 2011

No matter what you think of it, optimizing your press releases for the search engines is important. Between the prevalence of online corporate news rooms, press release distribution websites, and news sites like Google News, your press releases are getting posted all over the web. If they’re optimized properly for the right keywords, you can get more traffic from people interested in the products and services you offer. Read More

5 Ways to Come Up with Ideas for Your Next Pitch

January 21 2011

If you’re constantly trying to get your name out there in the media, it can be very difficult to keep coming up with fresh ideas. It’s all too easy to fall into a rut where your pitches just become uninspired and totally ineffective. Read More

When is it Time to Let a Customer Go?

January 19 2011

I have a theory. If companies spent some time on firing their bad customers rather than only focusing on acquiring more customers, they would be a lot more successful. I know we’ve always been told that the customer is always right, but the truth is some customers are just more trouble than they’re worth. And if you don’t know when it’s time to let a customer go, you could end up wasting a lot of time, energy, and money dealing with the constant hassle they create. Read More

3 Ways to Pitch Stories Like a Journalist

January 17 2011

Editors are simple people. It may not seem so to the hapless PR person who has pitched, pitched and pitched some more in the vain hope of snagging an editor’s valuable attention, but editors truly do have only a few basic wants. They want an easy day, a cordial working environment and, in the end, to put out a superior product, whether it’s a blog, magazine, or newspaper. But PR pros don’t have the luxury of working side by side in the trenches with editors every day, discerning their moods and tempers.   Who does? Journalists. Read More

What Does Geo-location Mean for PR?

January 11 2011

What does geo-location mean for PR? Lots! But first… Read More

How to Rock a Networking Event

December 31 2010

The thought of entering a room full of cheese trays and eager professionals in suits proffering business cards scares many people to death. Wouldn’t you rather just stay in the office and work in your business? So would most of us. But the fact remains that in person meetings are one of the best ways to make contacts and close deals, and so networking events are a necessary evil. If you work them right they can even be – dare I say it – fun. Here’s how: Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Using YouTube for Your PR Campaign

December 28 2010

YouTube is more than just sleeping kittens and “jackasses” performing insane motorcycle stunts. So how do you, as a PR pro, own YouTube? Here’s how other PR pros have made good with the popular video sharing service: Read More

5 Little Known Tips for Preparing for a Public Relations Job Interview

December 27 2010

As job seekers preparing for an interview, we all know to dress appropriately, bring a copy of our resume, and be prepared for possible interview questions. Some people even go for advanced interviewing techniques like mirroring the interviewer’s body language. But here are five fresh tips you may not have thought about when interviewing for a PR job: Read More

The 6 Essentials of Speechwriting

December 23 2010

As a PR pro, you may find yourself called upon to write speeches. Whether you’re writing a speech for your company’s president to give at an awards ceremony, a political speech for the country’s President to give in front of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or a hastily written apology speech when someone in your company has misbehaved, all good speeches share a few traits in common. Read More

How to Work a Conference/Trade Show Part 1: Pre-Planning

December 22 2010

You just arrived at the Wichita, Kansas Mega Window Treatment Expo, materials in hand, ready to set up shop. You’ve got all your customers and networking partners in one place, so all you need to do now is…what? Scour the walkways for interested parties? Attend as many panels as possible? Stick to the after parties? How do you get the best results from your efforts at a trade show? Read More