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The 6 Essentials of Speechwriting

December 23 2010

As a PR pro, you may find yourself called upon to write speeches. Whether you’re writing a speech for your company’s president to give at an awards ceremony, a political speech for the country’s President to give in front of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or a hastily written apology speech when someone in your company has misbehaved, all good speeches share a few traits in common. Read More

How to Work a Conference/Trade Show Part 1: Pre-Planning

December 22 2010

You just arrived at the Wichita, Kansas Mega Window Treatment Expo, materials in hand, ready to set up shop. You’ve got all your customers and networking partners in one place, so all you need to do now is…what? Scour the walkways for interested parties? Attend as many panels as possible? Stick to the after parties? How do you get the best results from your efforts at a trade show? Read More

How to Misuse Twitter, Get Fired, and Ruin Your PR Campaign

December 20 2010

Twitter is a versatile and useful tool for any PR campaign, but using is willy-nilly can lead to great peril. In fact, if you really try at it, you can completely wreck your job, your life, even your marriage! Here are some helpful tips if you want to use Twitter in the worst ways possible. Read More

PR Pros: “Like” These 5 Pages/Groups on Facebook

December 17 2010

Facebook is useful for any PR campaign, but have you linked up with any of the public relations pages yet? There’s a growing community on Facebook as social media gains more notice, so use them to your advantage. Check out these five pages/groups that you should “like” immediately. Read More

Creative Ways to Thank Your PR and Social Media Influencers

December 16 2010

Social media influencers in the online business world are not your traditional influencers. There are countless differences in the types of influencers out there and when it comes to thanking them for what they’ve done for your advertising and your business, there should be just as many differences in what you say or do to show your appreciation. Read More

A PR Pro’s New Client Checklist

December 10 2010

Making the decision whether or not to accept new clients can sometimes be daunting. The first instinct of many business owners, especially when first starting out, is to take on every Tom, Dick, and Harry who comes along. You want a lot of business, and a lot of business means a lot of money, right? Not necessarily. It’s extremely easy to overextend yourself in a relatively short period of time. Read More

5 Problems Solved by Savvy PR

December 08 2010

Can public relations solve the world’s problems? Of course not. But can it solve all the problems for your business that appear out of the blue in the middle of the night and leave you pacing the floor? Definitely! Even the toughest cases can be fixed with a little savvy and wit. These include: Read More

7 Free Reputation Management Tools to Add to Your Arsenal

December 06 2010

Do you know what people are saying about you? Or more importantly, what people are saying about your brand? How in the world do you track across the span of the Internet to protect your reputation and the reputation of your business? Here are ten free reputation management tools that take all the sweat out of protecting yourself on the web. Read More

The Biggest PR Myth of All: There’s No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

December 02 2010

Long before I even got into the PR game, I’d always heard people say “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” The theory is that as long as people are talking about you, it’s a good thing. Even if they’re saying awful things about you or your company, the publicity is supposed to still be good because your name is on the top of people’s minds, keeping you relevant. Read More

5 Lessons from Kanye on Giving a Bad Media Interview

November 29 2010

If you know anything about Kanye West, you know that he’s no stranger to controversy. Whether he’s accusing President Bush of being a racist or interrupting Taylor Swift’s award acceptance, the guy always seems to find himself in a mess. Read More