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10 Useful PR & Social Media Video Tutorials

March 11 2011

Most people are visual learners. Check out these 10 PR video tutorials and learn something today that you didn’t know yesterday! Read More

Top 10 FREE Social Media Monitoring Sites

March 10 2011

As more businesses turn to social media, marketers need to find monitoring tools to track and measure social media visibility and trends. Quite a few of these tools are available for free. Here is a roundup of our top favorite free social media monitoring websites. Read More

7 Local Search Marketing Tips for Dominating Your Region

March 03 2011

The internet has long been touted for the opportunity it provides for businesses to reach customers all across the world. But what can it do for companies who don’t have global aspirations but just wish to dominate in their own backyard? Can you use search marketing to drive foot traffic to your local business and make sure you show up in the search results when people in your area need your products and services? Read More

Top 20 PR Experts to Follow on Quora

March 02 2011

Quora is quickly becoming the go-to place for folks seeking expert advice on a wide variety of topics, including public relations. There are a number of PR pros already creating great discussions and answering tough questions on the website, so it’s a great place to poke around and see what others in the field are saying. Here are 20 experts to get you started. Read More

The Components of a Press Release: An Overview

February 23 2011

This post is for  those of you who need a bit of a refresher on your press release writing skills. Whether you’re new to PR or simply haven’t written a press release in awhile, we hope this little overview helps! Read More

Does Your Press Release Pass the “Who Cares?” Test?

February 21 2011

If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time, you know I’m a firm believer in the “leaky faucet” approach to press release distribution. This approach involves sending high quality, newsworthy press releases out on a regular basis with the hope that you’ll eventually find your press release in the right place at the right time. Read More

7 Things That Annoy Website Visitors

February 04 2011

If you want to build a successful online presence, you need to have a fine-tuned website that brings visitors in and gets them to take action once on your site. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to have the first part down (getting traffic), but when it comes to actually converting visitors into customers, they fail miserably. Read More

Why Press Release Retractions Suck

February 03 2011

As a PR guy, one of my least favorite words is “retraction.” Any time I hear that word, I know it’s usually not a good situation. From retracting a press release to getting the media to issue a retraction for a mistake they made, things just never seem to turn out well with retractions. Read More

8 Reasons Your Press Release Got Rejected Online

February 01 2011

Online press release distribution has become an integral part of most PR campaigns. Thanks to the internet, you can now get your news spread faster than ever before. Read More

5 Inspiring TED Talks for PR Pros

January 28 2011

If you haven’t poked around the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) website, you’re missing out on a veritable treasure trove of forward thinking ideas. The TED Conference is where people from every industry and mindset converge to inspire conversation about how to change the world. These taped speeches, which can be found for free on the TED website, range from fixing the environment to business matters, including public relations. Here are five TED talks that may inspire you to revise your PR tactics. Read More