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7 Reasons People Unsubscribe from Your Email List

August 20 2012

Are you hemorrhaging email list subscribers? If so, maybe you’re making one of these mistakes: Read More

Case Study of a Successful Press Release Campaign for an iPhone App

August 17 2012

There are so many apps out in the marketplace right now it’s hard to imagine any of them doing particularly well. However, apps succeed almost every day, even though they may not be blockbusters. Read More

Why Radio Interviews Scare the Hell Out of Most People and What You Can Do About It

August 16 2012

They say most people have a greater fear of public speaking than they do of death. Think about that for a second. People are more afraid of speaking in front of an audience than they are of dying. That’s pretty wild when you really stop to think about it. Read More

Simple Tips for Using YouTube for PR

August 14 2012

Video has become more important than ever before to business marketing. Thanks to social video sharing websites, namely YouTube, no longer are we forced to pay big advertising dollars to put commercials on TV. Instead, small businesses can produce their own commercials at a low cost, post them for free online, and market them in an attempt to build their following. There’s no doubt about it: YouTube is evening out the playing field for companies of all size. Read More

How to Win Journalists and Influence the Influencers

August 13 2012

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it over and over until the day I die. If you want your press release to truly succeed—if you want to set yourself up to have the absolute best chances to reach the masses—then you need to get in good with the journalists. Blindly approaching and soliciting them simply will no longer work. Thanks to the communication barriers recent technology has demolished, everyone and their mom is inundating these journalists with pitches on a daily, no hourly … no secondly basis. If that’s even a word … well, you get the idea. Read More

How to Transform Safe, Bland Press Release Quotes into Quotes the Media Will Love

August 10 2012

When it comes to press release writing, there are certain things you need to include that are considered non-negotiables. The title, the contact info, the company summary…the list goes on and on. However, one of the most important pieces to the puzzle that we don’t often mention is the quote. Bottom line, you can’t have a good press release without at least one or two quotes from a reputable, connected source. In the case of a business press release, this could come from a company spokesperson, the CEO, a valued customer, or another expert in the field. Failing to include the quote detracts from the legitimacy and the more human aspect of your release. Read More

Oops! The Writing Mistakes in Your Last Press Release

August 02 2012

It can be frustrating when a press release you’re particularly excited about goes absolutely nowhere. But even if you’ve gone over the writing several times there are a few mistakes you’ve probably missed and that’s what kept it from getting picked up. Instead of getting mad or frustrated, let’s take a look at some common errors on press releases and figure out if this is where you went wrong! Read More

The Press Release Is Not Dead – A Reflection on Press Releases in the Social Web Times

July 26 2012

There are now several billion media channels for PR freelancers and agencies to use to promote companies, charities and events. With new channels popping up every day, even seasoned professionals can find it bewildering, while for small firms trying to gain exposure can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Should you tweet it? Digg it? Facebook it? Or should you just bin it? If all else fails (or drives you a bit spare) why not try going back to basics and writing a press release? A press release? They’re dead aren’t they? Maybe not. Read More

Writing a Great Subject Line for Your Pitch

July 23 2012

You have an awesome pitch, and now it’s time to send it by email to the reporter of your choosing. And while you probably thought composing the pitch was the hardest part, the truth is that you still have one of the largest challenges ahead — getting the reporter to open your email. How can you guarantee that they won’t simply ignore (or delete) your pitch without ever even glancing at it? Read More

Marketing 101: Costs vs. Benefits

July 20 2012

In all the different ways you can break down a marketing campaign to its core, one that can greatly divide your customers is deciding whether to focus on the costs of your product or the potential benefits of buying it. People are naturally going to be interested in both of these, but whichever one you choose to tout the most during your campaign may be a deciding factor in what people buy, or even how much. Read More