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Spin Techniques You’ve Never Noticed Before

May 23 2012

It almost seems like we’ve become accustomed to the various and sundry techniques of spin companies try in the media. If there’s a disaster we’re all looking how they’ll try to either recover or turn the news into something somewhat positive. When it comes and it’s obvious, we usually just laugh it off. Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Write a White Paper

May 18 2012

It’s one of the lesser used PR tactics out there currently, but writing a white paper for your company’s product can do wonders for your business. I suspect the reason it’s so rare now is because they take time and energy to produce. Plus, it takes a mixture of creativity and raw know-how to make a proper white paper. Read More

5 Reasons PR Will Never Die

May 17 2012

With many companies taking on their own social media and PR duties these days, is there still a need for public relations experts? Can PR stand the test of time or is just another phase of advertising? There are several reasons why PR is safe and sound and will continue to be so for years to come. Read More

5 Ways to Lose the Trust of Your Customers

May 11 2012

What is the underlying purpose of all the PR work you’re doing? Why are you spending all of this time and money? Yes, it’s inevitably to bring in more business, but you accomplish this through building relationships. So all the public relations work you do  —  it’s to get people to like and trust you with their hard-earned money. Read More

Dealing With the Media During a Crisis

April 30 2012

Oh man. You just off the phone with your boss and are seriously flipping out. She told you one of the company’s warehouses went up in flames and the cause is a little suspect. There might even be some foul play involved. Worse, several employees were hurt in the fire, though thankfully none were killed. Read More

What’s your PR “Jumping Off Point?”

April 26 2012

Every journey begins with a single step. It’s best to start at the beginning. Every rose has its thorn. Read More

How to Become a Respected Name in Your Field

April 19 2012

You have something to offer your customers. Maybe it’s a useful product or a service that will make their lives easier. But unless you’ve just come up with a new invention no one’s ever heard of, the odds are there are other people out there doing something very similar to what you’re doing. That means that in order to make some real money, you need to differentiate yourself from the competition. And one way to do that is by becoming an authority figure in your industry. Read More

5 Tips for Writing a Strong Case Study

April 18 2012

Writing a case study is a great way to increase credibility with potential clients. Follow these tips to produce one that works the way it’s supposed to! Read More

Social Media is Like Chess

April 17 2012

Social media is funny – sometimes it’s deadly serious, and sometimes it just seems like a large scale game. But even when it’s at its most intense, social media is still like a game – chess, that is. Each part of your campaign adds up to a complete set of pieces, all of which together can bring you success on the board and on the web. Read More

Should You Be Giving Exclusives to Journalists?

April 06 2012

Your company has a huge announcement in the works. You’re gearing up to help spread the news out to the world. Suddenly you have a revelation: let’s offer it as an exclusive! That way our news will seem even bigger than it already is. Plus, we’ll have a unique deal with one media outlet, guaranteeing lots of coverage! Read More