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Guide to Reaching Older Audiences on Social Media

July 19 2012

Reaching older folks on social media almost sounds like an oxymoron. After all, Facespace and Twitterbook are all for the whippersnappers, right? The older generations are out in their gardens while they knit sweaters. Read More

Persistent or Pushy? Following Up On Your Pitch

July 18 2012

You sent your press release. Now what? Do you sit and wait, hoping the journalist takes notice? Or do you follow up and risk getting on their nerves in order to gain recognition? To help you make that grand decision, I’ve composed the dos and don’ts of following up: Read More

10 Tips for Email Etiquette When Dealing with Reporters

July 17 2012

Emailing your pitch to a reporter? Make sure you follow these simple rules of etiquette: Read More

5 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn for PR

July 16 2012

I’ve blogged extensively on how to use social media for PR purposes. And pretty much every single one of these posts has focused on Facebook and its kid brother, Twitter. However, that leaves LinkedIn — a business social media giant — completely out of the equation. Read More

3 Ways You Might Be Devaluing Your Brand

July 06 2012

Building your brand is about increasing its value in the eyes of the consumer. The more valuable your brand is perceived to be, the more customers will be willing to pay for your products and services, the more loyal they will be to your brand, and the less valuable your competitors’ brands will appear by comparison. Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘No Comment’ to the Media

July 03 2012

The media can prove a great outlet for free press for your small business, as you have probably come to realize from reading this blog. A well written, well targeted press release can get you the publicity you require to get eyes to turn your direction and get your products moving. However, when something goes wrong in your company (or because of your company), you can also count on the media turning into your worst enemy. Why? Because it’s their job to report the news. And everyone knows the public loves to feed on the negative! Read More

20 Ideas for Things You Can Tweet Right Now

June 21 2012

To make Twitter work for your company, you have to Tweet consistently. But sometimes this can prove challenging as you aren’t really sure what to share. Here are a ton of ideas to get you going: Read More

How to Promote Your App Using Press Releases

June 18 2012

While you might consider social media to be the most useful method to get free press for your app, that’s not necessarily the case. A well written, highly targeted press release can grab the attention of both the traditional media (newspapers, magazines) and not-so traditional media (bloggers, ezines). With that in mind, I’ve composed a few tips for how you can use press releases to garner attention for the awesome app you just created. Read More

Operation Mockingbird: How Much Can the Government Influence the Media?

June 08 2012

In the early years of the Cold War, a secret American project called “Operation Mockingbird” began. This was a program intent on buying the influence of all major media outlets by recruiting and paying off news organizations and journalists. These men and women of the advertising world basically became spies for their own country by means of propaganda and sabotage. Read More

The Future of PR in a Digital World

May 31 2012

Like it or not, the face of public relations has changed. In this increasingly digital world, PR is no longer about spreading your message to the passive, reactive public. Our audience is now more active than ever – even participating in our message – and companies that push against this are falling by the wayside. Read More