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PR Tip: The Cover-Up is Always Worse Than the Crime

August 31 2012

If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably heard a little about the recent suspension of San Francisco Giants outfield Melky Cabrera. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the story, let me catch you up to speed. The star player was recently suspended 50 games by Major League Baseball for a positive testosterone test. Of course, this is baseball, so these things aren’t all that surprising anymore. Read More

20 Redundant Phrases to Eliminate from Your Writing

August 30 2012

I’ve always been a firm advocate for getting your point across in as few words as possible. Today’s readers are more pressed for time than ever before, and as it relates to PR, reporters are bombarded by pitches all day long, so the faster you can get to the point, the better. Read More

7 Ways to Be a Superstar at Your PR Internship

August 29 2012

There’s really no way around it — most PR internships are tough. You might find yourself spending more time than you’d like changing the ink cartridges in the printers than doing actual high-level PR projects, but with a positive attitude and a good work ethic, you really can get quite a lot out of your PR internship. Sure, some opportunities are better than others, but there really is something you can learn from every experience. Read More

How to Write a Speech That Kicks Ass

August 27 2012

As the face of your company, you may find yourself having to give speeches from time to time. Maybe you’re giving a speech at an industry conference, or perhaps you’re just trying to rally the troops at the annual company party. No matter what the venue, there simple fact is that you want your speech to get your message across in a clear, memorable, and exciting way. Read More

7 Tips for Effective Social Media Monitoring

August 24 2012

If you aren’t keeping track of what’s being said about you in the social media space, you’re asking for trouble. These days, everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, or they have a blog, or they participate in some sort of online community. And they’re constantly posting their opinions and talking about their experiences dealing with companies (e.g. “The waiter at my restaurant was such a jerk!”). There’s a good chance that people are out there talking about your company, and it’s vital that you have your fingers on the pulse of what’s being said. Read More

Should You Hire a PR Agency or Build an In-House Team?

August 23 2012

As you continue to grow your business, you’re going to find that all the different hats you’re wearing are weighing you down to the point that something has to give. That means you’re going to have to find people to whom you can delegate responsibilities. In most cases, you will need someone to take over the PR responsibilities so you can get the most out of your campaigns. And while that sounds like a great idea, when you get to this point then you’re going to be faced with a big decision—do you go out and hire a PR agency? Or should you begin building a team in-house? Read More

A Simple Guide to Asking the Media to Run a Correction

August 22 2012

Congratulations! Your company got some media coverage. Maybe you’re featured on a popular industry blog, or maybe you even got your story in print in your local newspaper or in a magazine. But wait a second. What’s that? Did they spell your name wrong? Or wait … did they really get the name of your product wrong? Surely that’s not a typo in your website address! Read More

Using Twitter for Crisis Communications

August 21 2012

I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that you and your business never have to face a crisis. However, I can’t promise that these positive vibes I’m sending you will do you much good. With that in mind, I’m also going to give you a piece of advice: have a plan in place for how you will respond should a product fail, a public lawsuit occur, an accident happen, or any other devastating event take place…and make sure you include Twitter as part of your frontline defense. Read More

7 Reasons People Unsubscribe from Your Email List

August 20 2012

Are you hemorrhaging email list subscribers? If so, maybe you’re making one of these mistakes: Read More

Case Study of a Successful Press Release Campaign for an iPhone App

August 17 2012

There are so many apps out in the marketplace right now it’s hard to imagine any of them doing particularly well. However, apps succeed almost every day, even though they may not be blockbusters. Read More