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What Should You Look for in Press Release Distribution Services?

September 21 2012

You’ve written a press release, but now what? How are you going to get it seen? While you might be thinking of going the route of using free press release directories, there are many reasons to avoid this tactic. What about emailing your press release to reporters? Good idea, but chances are that you don’t have a contact list nor do you have relationships with the reporters you need to target. Read More

Three Interesting Press Release Ideas

September 19 2012

What’s harder than getting your story picked up by the media? Figuring out what angle to approach it from in the first place! Discovering a truly unique idea can cause a real brain meltdown sometimes, especially if you’ve written tons of them on the same subject. They can really start to run together, and when that happens you (and your readers) lose interest. Read More

10 Additional PR Twitter Accounts to Follow

September 18 2012

Want to see what other PR agencies are doing? There’s no harm in checking out the competition; in fact, it could make you realize what you’re doing wrong (and right) and how to change it! Check out the following ten PR Twitter accounts to see what others are doing with their PR efforts. Read More

5 Things to do at the End of Your PR Internship

September 14 2012

So, you’ve rocked the heck out of your PR internship, but now your internship is coming to an end. Before you walk out the door on your way to never making the company another pot of coffee or taking any more minutes for them at their meetings, there are 5 things you should do. Read More

Press Release vs. Media Advisory

September 12 2012

What Is a Media Advisory?                   AKA Press Advisory

A media advisory alerts the media, in a concise manner, to upcoming events (like a press conference). Think of it like an invitation that answers only the important questions: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Read More

How to Hold a Great Press Conference

September 11 2012

As I’ve already discussed on this blog, many press conferences are unwarranted. The truth is that many of you reading this right now have never hosted a press conference before. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Press conferences are not the backbone of public relations, and in most cases, there are far more effective and efficient means of communicating with the media and getting your message out. Read More

Giving a Statement to the Media? Read This First.

September 10 2012

Whether you’re responding to a company crisis, commenting on a breaking story related to your industry, or remarking about a big merger your company was just involved in, giving a statement to the media is often easier, quicker, and more helpful than writing a traditional press release. Releasing a statement to the media is what you do when people already know the story, so you don’t need to write a press release; instead, you just need to give a comment. Read More

What’s a Media Advisory and Should You Use One?

September 07 2012

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran who has written hundreds of press releases for your business or you’ve just finished sending out your first ever release, another press-related document exists that you might want to know about. It’s called the media advisory and depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, you might find it even more useful than the traditional press release. With that in mind, let’s discuss exactly what it is and how it could prove useful to your marketing endeavors. Read More

What to Include in the ‘Notes to the Editor’ Section of Your Press Release

September 06 2012

One of the common components of a press release is the “Notes to the Editor” section at the very end. This is the section where you can provide a bit of background information for the reporter. It’s typically boilerplate information that doesn’t belong in the story but that lets the reporter know a little bit more about who you are, what you company does, what your background is, etc. Read More

The 5 C’s of Quality Press Release Writing

September 04 2012

If you’ve followed this blog for a little while, you know that press release writing is one of the major topics I cover here. It’s a very important topic to me, and I truly believe that becoming a better press release writer can do wonders for your PR efforts. Read More