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Why You Shouldn’t Put Too Many Links In Your Press Releases

December 03 2012

By now, you probably already know about the SEO benefits of press release distribution. Placing links in your press release that point back to your website can be helpful in boosting your search engine rankings (even though it shouldn’t be the only link building tactic you use). Read More

Yahoo! Fantasy Football Crash — A Lesson in Crisis Management

November 20 2012

Fun facts: It’s estimated by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association that upwards of 34 million people are playing fantasy football this year in the U.S. and Canada. This is up by approximately 60 percent in the last 5 years. In fact, if you are a male, odds are 1 in 5 that you are playing fantasy football. I think it’s safe to say that someone is cashing in big on this, right? Read More

Yelp Cracks Down on Fake Reviews

November 16 2012

For some time now, Yelp has led the way in providing useful information to would-be consumers. I can’t tell you how any times I’ve been looking for a place to eat or some form of entertainment and turned to my trusty Yelp app for help. Now having said that, I’ve also become skeptical as of late because of ads like this that I’ve seen on Craigslist: Read More

How to Stand Out at Your PR Internship

November 15 2012

Standing out at your PR internship can open up a slew of career opportunities, but it’s not always easy for interns to get noticed. Simply being a good intern isn’t enough. You have to really work hard if you want to be the intern your boss thinks of when an entry-level position opens up. Read More

5 Subtle Techniques to Make Your Press Releases More Readable

November 14 2012

Do you struggle with getting people to read your press releases? Maybe it’s not that the content is bad. Maybe it’s that you’re not presenting the content in a way that’s appealing to your audience’s natural reading tendencies. Read More

5 Simple Rules for Success with Instagram

November 13 2012

Recently, I shared some impressive statistics about the popularity of Instagram and discussed some of the different ways you can use this social media app for PR. Today, I want to delve a little deeper into the subject and talk more about the approaches your business can take and the general etiquette you need to keep in mind when using Instagram for your business. Read More

There Is No Magic Day to Send a Press Release

November 09 2012

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “When is the best day to send a press release?” Now, I know right off the top that some of you are going to disagree with this, but I don’t believe there is a best day for sending press releases. I know some people will say that if you have bad news to announce, you should do it on a Friday afternoon. Others claim that the middle of the week is the sweet spot to get the attention of reporters when you have something good to announce. Read More

How Your Business Can Use Instagram For PR

November 08 2012

Instagram was launched 2 years ago, providing a new, fun way for people to share photos with their friends. The app lets you snap a photo and then put a filter on it to give it a unique look. Pictures are then shared on Instagram with users on there, and they can also be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms. Read More

5 Different Ways to Stay Connected to Important Contacts

November 07 2012

Networking is an important part of public relations. And while much networking advice focuses on how to grow your network, I don’t think we spend enough time talking about how to manage your relationships so you can get the most out of them. After all, you can meet all the people and get all the business cards you want, but if you don’t build meaningful relationships, your network is never going to be all that useful to you. Read More

Keep Your Press Releases Active for More Engagement

November 06 2012

Okay, I admit it. Most press releases are boring. But why? What makes most press releases suck so bad that no one wants to read them and they end up in the trash? Well, to be honest, it isn’t necessarily the content. You can have the most interesting news in the world, but if you don’t know how to write a bang up release, well, no one will read it. Read More