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Why Being Adaptable is Crucial to Success in PR

December 31 2012

Humans are a funny bunch. Just when you think you have them figured out, they do something completely unexpected. It’s one of the reasons why running a business can be difficult – just when you have a solid plan, your customers throw several monkey wrenches in the gears. Read More

Press Release Trends for the New Year

December 26 2012

Press releases may have a “classic” feel to them since they’ve been around so long, but they go through trends just like anything else does. And while you may not be aware of it, the basic press release is changing all the time. Read More

3 Niche PR Tactics That Just Might Work for Your Business

December 24 2012

Not every product is right for every person. Some items are just for a certain subset of customers and will never be for anyone else. It’s not bad or good; it’s just the way it goes, and even a tiny market is something to be grateful for. Read More

Need Some Inspiration? Test Post

December 17 2012

Are you having a blah day? Struggling to find the motivation to get started on your work? We all have these days. You wake up in the morning, ready to tackle the day, but after that first cup of coffee you just stare blankly at your computer screen. Read More

How to Develop an “Alternate Reality Game” (ARG)

December 14 2012

You’re scouring the Internet for fun when you stumble across a mysterious message post. Somebody found a weird website and they can’t figure out what to make it. You click and find yourself similarly baffled. Read More

How to Expand Your Customer Base Without Angering Your Core

December 13 2012

We’ve all seen it – the business that makes a desperate grab to expand its customer base with some crazy tactic that explodes in their face. You can see it coming, and most likely they can too, but they feel like there’s no avenue left to them. Once you get tired of selling to the same people and want to expand, it’s hard not to feel like you have limited options, especially if your product fills a very specific niche. Read More

With Print Media on the Decline Will Journalists Be More Open to Your Story?

December 11 2012

It’s no big secret that print journalism isn’t doing so great right now. With 24 hour news stations, the Internet, and even online versions of their own editions, newspapers and magazines are looking for ways to stay relevant in an increasingly electronic world. Read More

5 Easy Ways to Use Video Marketing for PR

December 10 2012

Public relations is all about communication. These days, there are more ways to communicate with your audience — whether it be the media or customers — than ever before. One highly effective way to communicate is through video. Read More

How to Not Make a Journalist Hate You When You Call

December 06 2012

Sometimes, you need to pick up the phone to talk to a journalist. Maybe you want to follow up on a press release you sent them, or maybe you need to get in touch with them quickly to retract a press release you sent too early or to correct some information you gave them. Read More

4 Apostrophe Mistakes to Avoid

December 04 2012

Apostrophes are tricky things for many people. I see them misused all the time, in blog posts, press releases, marketing materials, etc. And while you might think a misused apostrophe is nothing to call the grammar police over, I beg to differ. Misusing an apostrophe can change the meaning of words and an entire sentence, and it just matters. Read More