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Finding the Good News In a Bad Situation

July 29 2013

I’m of the opinion there’s always a silver lining in any situation you find yourself in with your business. No matter how dire things get or badly you may have messed things up, there’s always a way to make things work out the way you need them to. Notice I say “need” and not “want,” as those are two entirely different things. Read More

Over 20,000 Visits to Single Press Release (and 50,000 Visits to Website)

July 23 2013

UPDATE: On July 9, 2013, Genesis One, Inc. issued a second press release and as of this update (3 weeks later) that press release had received over 13,000 views. This shows that the approach that Genesis One used can produce repeatable results. In other words, the huge amount of traffic that their press releases are receiving is not a fluke, but a result of the supporting actions of Genesis One. Anyone who is truly interested in increasing visibility and recognition for their company should pay very close attention to the methods described below.

On June 4, 2013, Genesis One, Inc. issued a press release via eReleases / PR Newswire to announce a new product, the T-SQL Source Code Unscrambler.

Wait – what on earth does a “T-SQL blah blah blah” have to do with me?
If that product sounds difficult to understand to you, I agree!

But this story is not about the product. Instead, it’s about what happened with this one press release. And it can apply to anybody. Read More

Saving Face: A True Story

July 17 2013

Many companies and PR pros go through it – suddenly you find yourself on the bad end of a negative campaign. Instead of making big bucks and becoming famous, you or your client is forced to quickly save face. Worse, it sort of feels like you’re in it by yourself. Read More

Using CRM Tools for Media Relations

July 09 2013

Managing relationships with the media is a big part of PR. You have to know which members of the media cover which topics, how you can contact various media members, when the last time you spoke to each person was, what you discussed during your last conversation, what kind of results you’ve gotten from your relationships… and so on and so on. Read More

Should You do an Interview with that Aggressive Reporter?

July 05 2013

It’d be nice if all reporters were objective, but we know that’s not the case. We’re living in the era of opinion journalism. Between blogs and cable news talk shows, the evidence is all around us. It’s getting harder and harder to find objective journalism. Everywhere you look, it seems like aggressive reporters are shouting their opinions and setting their sights on targets they want to take down. Read More

7 Ways to Become a Better PR Pro

July 02 2013

Whether you’re just getting your start in the business or you’ve been at this for years, there’s always room to improve your skills and become a better PR pro. Doing so will help you achieve better results for your clients and better results for your career. Read More

5 Ways to Interact with Reporters on Facebook

July 01 2013

Facebook is crawling with reporters, editors, bloggers, and other members of the media. These people often use Facebook as a way to find sources, generate story ideas, connect with the communities involved with stories, share their stories, and so on. In other words, Facebook is an important resource for them. Read More

Breaking the Ice at Networking Events

June 27 2013

Networking events can be a great place to meet people who will help you grow your business, but for many people, these events can be very intimidating. There are lots of strong personalities that go to these events, and if you’re a little more reserved, going up and talking to someone you don’t know can be pretty hard. However, if you want to build your network and gain valuable relationships, you’re going to have to learn how to break the ice when you attend these events. Read More

Think Twice Before You Try Newsjacking A Tragedy

June 25 2013

In the past several months, America has been hit with multiple tragedies—the devastating Hurricane Sandy, the senseless Newtown shoot at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the terrorism at the Boston Marathon, and the heartbreaking West, Texas fertilizer plan explosion. All of these sad events were major news stories, each earning headline coverage for days and weeks. Read More

Are Social Media Relationships Real Relationships?

June 19 2013

Social media is obviously here to stay as it just becomes more and more powerful over the years. While the format has changed from your MySpaces to your Twitters and Facebooks and what not, social media is absolutely everywhere now. More pertinent to you, social media is becoming one of the most important aspects of public relations, and the trend doesn’t seem to have an end.  Read More