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Press Release Writing Service

Over 31% of businesses with a content marketing strategy achieve a 27.1% higher win rate than others. However, only 33% of businesses have a documented content marketing strategy. Without press release writing and distribution as part of your plan, you could miss a chance to grow your business.

Not sure how to write and distribute press releases? Consider hiring a press release writing service this year. Here are a few ways they can help your business grow.

Develop an effective content marketing strategy with press release services! Read on to discover how it can benefit your business today.

Reach Customers and Investors

In order to generate leads and sales, you need to position your brand in front of your ideal customers. Otherwise, you could waste time trying to convince them they need your offerings. Instead, you can use press releases to reach people with initial interest.

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Over 60% of businesses claim generating leads and website traffic are among their top content marketing challenges. You can use press releases to direct consumers to your website. Then, they can learn more about your business to determine if you offer the help they need.

Audience relevance comes first when considering the effectiveness of content. As a result, 63% of businesses create content with a buyer persona in mind.

You can work with a press release writing agency to define your target audience. Then, they’ll write and distribute your press releases while considering your target audience.

For example, they can choose publications and websites your customers already read.

An experienced press release distribution agency already has professional connections. They can leverage those connections to help you reach ideal customers or investors.

If you try to reach out to journalists alone, they might refuse to pick up your press release. For example, maybe you wrote a weak pitch. Perhaps you’re using the wrong formatting.

Either way, you could miss a chance to get published.

About 72% of marketers say content marketing increases customer engagement. Generating engagement can make your brand more memorable. When they need your product or service in the future, the consumer might recall reading your press release.

Without help, however, you might struggle to appear in front of people who want and need your offerings. You could waste time and money on ineffective marketing channels as a result.

Gain Online Visibility

The majority (45%) of marketers say their top priority is generating brand awareness. Brand awareness is essential if you want to drive customers to your business. Otherwise, you could struggle to foster brand loyalty to retain customers.

You can use press release writing services to generate awareness. Then, you can attract new customers to your brand. However, it takes more than five impressions with a consumer before they begin to remember your brand.

It takes consistent exposure over time to generate awareness.

If you’re struggling to generate brand awareness, talk to a press release writing and distribution agency. They can help you write effective press releases that reach your target audience.

For 94% of consumers, transparency is essential before they can trust a brand. Generating brand trust can help you gain loyal customers. One loyal customer is worth 10 single-purchase customers.

Generating awareness can eventually help you generate brand loyalty, leading to repeat sales and a higher ROI.

Use the Correct Format

If you want professional publications to select your press release among the hundreds they read a day, you need to use the proper format. Otherwise, they’ll toss your press release aside without reading it further. If you’re not experienced writing press releases, you could waste time trying to perfect this skill.

Instead, hire a press release writing agency that has already perfected this process. They’ll make sure you use the proper format with every press release.

For example, your press release should include the right information, including:

  • Your contact information
  • “For Immediate Release” or the release date
  • The date, city, or state
  • A strong lede paragraph
  • Supporting details or statistics
  • A quote from a respectable resource
  • A boilerplate paragraph
  • The press contact’s information
  • Imagery

If this information is missing, the journalist might move on. They won’t waste time contacting you to gather the information they need.

The journalist will also determine if you used the inverted pyramid writing style. This format involves placing the most important information at the beginning of the release. If the journalist needs to trim the release down, they’ll begin from the bottom.

Your opening (lede) paragraph should highlight the who, what, when, where, how, and why as well. This information can give readers a precursory glance into what the press release entails.

If you’ve written press releases in the past that journalists haven’t picked up, choose writing services this year.

Strengthen Your Pitch

It’s not enough to format your press release. You need to write a strong pitch email to encourage journalists to read the release. Otherwise, they’ll move on.

The pitch will provide journalists with a succinct summary of the information your press release includes. It could help encourage the journalist to read the entire release. If the pitch isn’t informative or compelling, the journalist will toss your press release out.

Writing strong, compelling pitch emails is an art.

First, you need a strong, attention-grabbing email subject line. As the first thing the journalist will read, it’s essential to grab their attention from the start. After all, journalists receive hundreds of these emails a day.

If your email doesn’t stand out, they’ll continue on.

The press release headline needs to communicate the press release’s purpose and spark the reader’s interest.

If you need help writing engaging, attention-grabbing pitch emails, talk to a press release agency.

Editing Accuracy

Journalists might still toss your press release aside, even if you’ve perfected the formatting and pitch email. You need to make sure you thoroughly edit your press release, too.

Your press release writing and distribution agency can handle this process for you. They’ll give your press release a fresh set of eyes to ensure there aren’t any mistakes.

While reviewing your press release, they’ll check the:

  • Voice and tone (to ensure brand consistency)
  • Formatting
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Writing style

For example, you’ll need to use the AP writing style for publication.

If you don’t have experience writing press releases, you might rush through the editing process. After all, you need to focus on your business. Skipping this step could make your press release look messy and unprofessional, though.

Instead, let a press release writing expert handle this process for you. With their help, you can ensure a polished press release reaches the right publication.

Find the Right Channels

You could miss the chance to get a press release published if you’re contacting the wrong publications. An experienced press release writing company can give you access to hundreds of publications that suit your target audience. They can help you reach out to journalists who understand your industry and niche.

You can use that network to your advantage to ensure you appear in the right publications.

Remember, choosing the right publications will ensure your press release reaches ideal customers or investors.

Once you choose the right publication, you need to make sure you’re following the publication’s unique requirements, too. A press release writing agency will already understand the publication’s requirements. They’ll make sure everything is in order.

Stronger SEO

Consumers are already online, searching for your products, services, or business. You can appear for these searches with search engine optimization (SEO). SEO can help your press releases rank at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Reaching the top of a SERP can help you generate brand awareness. More people will click on your press release, too. Generating more traffic can boost your rankings further.

If you’re not sure how to optimize a press release for SEO, talk to an experienced agency. Their writing team will already understand how to optimize your content.

As you appear on authoritative websites, you can generate backlinks to your site. Then, you can begin generating more referral traffic, increasing your domain authority (DA). Strong DA can boost your rankings further.

SEO also offers longevity. Once you improve your rankings, it will take a while for someone to knock you down.

Gain Credibility

Appearing in a professional publication can also help you generate brand credibility. Consumers will recognize the publication approves of your brand. They might decide to trust you based on the publication’s selection.

Generating brand trust could encourage leads and sales.

Improving your SERP rankings can help you appear in front of competing brands, which can boost your brand credibility as well.

Save Time and Money

Writing a press release on your own can feel stressful and time-consuming. Outsourcing with professional writing sources can save you time and money. At the same time, you can ensure the creation of a well-written, effective press release.

A strong press release can benefit your brand. You can reach new customers, prove your credibility, and generate leads. As you generate leads and sales, your ROI will improve, allowing your business to grow.

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You don’t have to waste time or energy trying to write your own press release. Instead, choose a professional press release writing service this year. With help, your brand will appear in the top publications.

Then, you can reach new customers, generate awareness, and increase sales.

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