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Only 14% of businesses sent between 50-100 press releases throughout the year. This means they understand there’s hidden magic in making press releases a routine part of your consumer outreach efforts.

Are you considering revamping the way you write company press releases, but you need help figuring out where to start?

Below you’ll find press release tips and information on the benefits of press releases. Also, how they can help your company leverage PR services correctly.

How to Write a Press Release?

The first step in creating a press release is to create a headline that will catch the attention of those it’s been sent to. The best way to create a headline that’s compelling is to utilize action verbs and ensure you keep the headline short.

You want the headline to give the consumer a hint of what you’re going to talk about without giving too much away. Next, you’ve got to create a formula that conveys to people why your press release is newsworthy.

If it’s not relative to what is currently taking place in your industry, the chances of people reading it or reviewing other press releases in the future is low. After you’ve collected the details that will make your press release newsworthy, you’ve got to support these details.

To do this, you’ll want to include quotes from noteworthy professionals in your industry. Mainly because this increases the credibility of your business and can position you as a thought leader in your market.

Lastly, fill in the rest of the details.

You’ve given the essential points, and it’s time to beef things up with the needed filler detail. Lastly, when building your newsletter, let readers know the what and who.

This means your company and what they are hoping to accomplish long-term and with the newsletter, they’re sending.

Benefits of Press Releases

There are several benefits of press releases, including that they provide a higher exposure level to your target audience. It can also be used on affiliate websites to draw visitors back to your website to view your products and other helpful information.

Another way a press release can benefit your company is through increased sales. Press releases are the perfect place to provide more details about upcoming products.

Or information about updates you’ve made to existing products your company creates.

It can also help you get the word out to new audiences about your current products. Press releases provide you the chance to put your SEO skills to the test.

Optimizing your press releases properly makes them easier to discover in search engines. It can help boost and improve overall company visibility. When you’re able to boost your website visibility, it helps to generate more traffic.

The more organic traffic your website attracts, the better you will be. This is because that’s marketing funds you can utilize in another area of your business.

Press Release Trends and Tips

Moving forward with understanding how to write a press release and what the benefits are, it’s time to fill you in on some useful tips and trends you can implement.

The number of trends is growing. This means there are unlimited opportunities for the press release area of your business to succeed and grow.

View these need-to-know trends and tips below with more detail about each one.

Adopting a Quality Over Quantity Thought Process

At one point, several businesses operated with the mindset that the more you produce, the better. The issue with doing this is that as businesses continue to produce several press releases over time, the quality of each release reduces.

As we move into the future of press releases, businesses are spending more time cultivating a release that provides quality and well-researched information for people to review. Meanwhile, it might take longer to receive the return on this investment that you hope will come.

You can also rest assured that you’ll advance in your competitor’s market. This is because you’ll be known for offering reliable resources that people can refer to in the future.

This makes it easier for affiliates to share the information you’ve created on their website, which creates a backlink for your business.

Easier ROI Measurements

If you cannot measure the marketing efforts you’re using, how will you understand what your return on investment is and forecasted to be? Depending on the PR services your business uses, you’ll be able to obtain ongoing documentation of how well your press releases perform.

Measuring your press releases’ success will ensure you can make decisions moving forward.

It also provides you with the time you need to make changes to current and future press releases to ensure your readers receive what they need each time you provide information.

Quality Interviews Are on the Come Up

At one point, it was enough to take a quote from another source and insert it into your press release. However, now more than ever, people are putting more weight on press releases where quality interviews have been performed.

This means thinking ahead about the press releases your company will write and setting up interviews with credible sources ahead of time. Ensure that if this is a trend you hope to follow, you prepare quality questions to ask ahead of time.

Also, give the person enough time to answer the questions if you’re not going to conduct the interview face-to-face.

Press Release Tips & More

Regarding press release tips, we’ve provided that and much more above. We’ve given a template for writing a release and some things you can do to improve your ROI.

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