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Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Press Release

June 04 2013

In one report from comScore, it was revealed that U.S. searchers conducted 371 million news-related searches on search engines in February 2012. 371 million news-related searches in one month! Read More

5 Powerful Tips for PR Students

May 28 2013

Making the most of your time at school as a PR student is essential to getting a powerful start to your career. Here are 5 tips every PR student should follow: Read More

Are Your Press Releases Written in AP Style?

May 24 2013

There’s more to writing a press release than the average person thinks. Not only is there a particular format to follow (headline, summary, date, content, about the company), but there are also a set of standard procedures you should adhere to. This is known as “Proper AP Style.” No clue what that means? If not, read on and learn how to make sure your press releases follow commonly held stylistic procedures. Read More

How to Keep Your Social Networking Accounts Safe from Hackers

May 23 2013

Last month, both Burger King and Jeep had their Twitter accounts hacked. In both cases, the hackers posted that the companies had been sold to their competitors (Burger King to McDonald’s and Jeep to Cadillac) and posted a series of damaging and obscene messages. While the story might appear funny to the average person, the truth is that social networking hacking represents a very real threat to companies of all sizes. Read More

3 Major Mistakes to Avoid with Your Press Conference

May 22 2013

Recently, Sony held a much hyped press conference to reveal the company’s new PS4 gaming console. People were looking forward to this event for days, expecting to get a first glimpse at the console Sony has been working on for years. And for the most part, everyone was disappointed. Read More

4 Easy Ways to Provide Commentary on Current Events

May 17 2013

You probably already know that one great way to get press is to tie your company to current events. Piggybacking on other news stories can make it easier for you to get quoted, get your name out there, create some buzz around your company, and establish yourself and your brand as an expert in the industry. Read More

7 Tips for Writing a Great Op-Ed

May 15 2013

I’ve always thought the op-ed was one of the most underrated PR tools. A well-written op-ed piece can be useful for newsjacking, getting your name out there, stirring up controversy, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Unfortunately, many people either don’t know how to write an op-ed, so what they end up with is a piece that finds its way into the trash can. Read More

How to Speak in Sound Bites

May 14 2013

Speaking succinctly is important for a number of reasons. When you speak concisely, people are more likely to pay attention to what you’re saying and also to remember your message. Furthermore, if you’re being interviewed for a story on a news broadcast, editors will need to find short clips (sound bites) from your interview that they can use for the story. If you’re rambling on and on, it’s going to be hard for them to find a good clip to use. Read More

PR During Minor and Major Holidays

May 07 2013

Every business owner wants to take advantage of the major holidays like Christmas or Fourth of July. These cultural common denominators are fairly easy ways to rally public opinion, plus there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Everyone knows to expect deals on Black Friday, after all.  However, if you’re just concentrating on the big holidays you’re missing out on quite a bit of PR potential. Read More

What David Ogilvy Can Teach You About Press Release Writing

May 06 2013

David Ogilvy was one of the original mad men. He was one of the most famous copywriters ever, and he built a huge, successful ad agency that’s still around to this day. Needless to say, there’s a lot we can learn all these years later from Ogilvy …even about press release writing. Read More