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Do You Have Good Social Media Manners?

March 23 2010

Practicing good social media manners, or social media etiquette as some like to call it, is the key to getting the most from your social media marketing efforts. If you ignore the advice in this post, people will ignore your Tweets, stop reading your blog, and think you and your company “just don’t get it.” Read More

Are Multimedia News Releases the Future of PR?

March 22 2010

Multimedia news releases serve as a comprehensive resource for giving journalists detailed information about a story and for engaging consumers. These news releases can contain embedded (and downloadable) video, images, links, audio, social bookmarking, and more. Many PR experts and journalists believe multimedia news releases are quickly replacing the traditional press release, and some bloggers and journalists are even saying traditional press releases are already dead. Read More

5 Ways to Determine Whether Your Story is Newsworthy

March 18 2010

You slaved for hours crafting the most informative, beautifully written, and concise press release to ever cross an editor’s desk. But you wait, and wait, and still receive no calls from journalists or bloggers. You follow up with the newsroom and editors give you the brush off. You followed all the rules, you followed the standard press release format, and you distributed it widely. What happened? Uh oh.  You forgot to ask yourself “Is my story newsworthy?” Read More

10 Ways to Prepare for Public Relations Controversy

March 17 2010

Sometimes controversy rears its ugly head in your business. Whether you wake up one morning to unexpectedly find an unflattering story in the newspaper, or the trouble has been brewing for awhile, there are ways to make sure that you mitigate any public relations damage and see your company through to the other side of the storm. Read More

Is it Time to Fire Your PR Agency?

March 15 2010

When’s the last time you graded your PR firm? If it’s been a while, the time to reassess their performance is now. See, too many companies blindly trust their PR agency to always do the right thing for their business. They assume the PR people are the pros, so they give them all the room they need to do their jobs. Read More

4 Signs Your Brand is Outdated

March 12 2010

Branding is something that a lot of companies seem to take the “set it and forget it” approach with. But times are always changing. Your business is changing, your customers are changing, and the way you communicate with one another is changing too. With that in mind, it only makes sense that your brand should change and evolve too. Read More

How to Write a Killer Lead for Your Press Release

March 11 2010

The lead is one of the most important pieces of your press release. If it isn’t strong, you’ll lose the interest of your readers, and they won’t waste any time reading the rest of your press release. As a result, your release won’t get picked up, so you won’t get any media coverage. Read More

Choosing the Target Audience for Your PR Campaign

March 09 2010

Imagine your client is an opera singer who has been lauded for excelling at a challenging role. Right now she’s only famous inside her native country, but she has hired you to elevate her to worldwide fame. Or perhaps your company’s India branch has been accused of labor violations, and it’s your job to get to the bottom of the accusations and clean up the company’s reputation. An inexperienced PR pro would be tempted to pitch each story far and wide. But, in both cases, the first step in your publicity campaign is to choose a target audience. Read More

Top 7 Branding Mistakes to Avoid

March 05 2010

Your brand is your company’s personality. It’s the promise of value that you make to customers. It’s the thing that consumers either connect with and hang onto or reject and avoid for life. Read More

Don’t Disrespect the Host of Your Media Interview

March 04 2010

Every time you step in front of the camera, walk into a radio studio, or sit down with a reporter from a magazine, your company’s reputation is on the line. Any missteps could cause you to alienate your audience and to burn bridges with the media. Read More