Six Consecutive Press Release Failures. Why Bother?

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I have seen press releases generate tens of millions of dollars in publicity $449 at a time. If you don’t believe me, just visit:

Why didn’t your press release do the same? The likely answer is that you gave up, perhaps even after a single press release.

Been There, Done That

It’s easy to say, “Tried that, didn’t work.” Many former clients are relieved it didn’t work so they can focus on things they understand like hiring sales people or advertising in a trade publication.

Repetition Gets Results Bears Repeating

Here’s a trend worth noting: the bulk of our successful clients didn’t strike PR Gold until their third or fourth press release. One client didn’t notice major industry coverage until her seventh press release.

What kept this client committed despite six consecutive press release failures? Knowledge. She knew that a decent article in a single trade publication would yield more favorable results both in industry standing and potential clients than an ad of comparable size.

Her Brother Worked in PR

Reach More Journalists

She also knew that a PR firm would simply do the same thing for much more money: craft a new press release with a different hook/angle every few weeks. How did she know this? Because her brother worked at a PR firm that uses eReleases. If only every client’s brother or sister worked in PR, we would have a much easier time educating customers on the importance of viewing a single press release as part of an ongoing PR campaign.

Advertising Can’t Buy Credibility

Media coverage always trumps advertising in credibility and prestige. Our most dedicated customers happen to be our most successful. This is by design. It is why a PR firm won’t engage with a client for a single press release. PR firms know that if you sign aboard for six months at $25,000, you stand a chance (not a certainty) of getting some media coverage.

It doesn’t take much media coverage to justify a PR firm’s $25,000 price tag. Advertising is just that expensive. The average quarter-page ad in a mid-sized industry trade publication is $4,500. Some highly-specialized trade publications with low but coveted circulation numbers command as much as $20,000 for a half-page ad.

PR Efforts Must Include Newswire Distribution

eReleases was created to give all clients a level playing field that ensures access to media and posting over a true newswire. Our newswire partner PR Newswire is the oldest and largest newswire of press releases. It is the biggest ocean from which most journalists first look for a potential story.

eReleases works one press release at a time. However, I want you to know that you should commit to a series of press releases over a period of time to truly gauge whether press releases belong in your marketing playbook. I have seen very few companies that can’t get traction through press releases.

Have eReleases Vet Your Next Press Release

eReleases wants its customers to succeed. If you want feedback on a press release, just email it to us. An editor should be able to get back to you within two business days with candid thoughts on your press release, including tips on how to improve it. We’ve always offered this. It is not a rewrite but an honest sounding board from editors who see press releases succeed on a daily basis.

Been on PR Vacation?

Perhaps you’ve been on an extended vacation from press releases? Isn’t it time to reconsider press releases in your marketing efforts?

This article is written by Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases (, the online leader in affordable press release distribution. To subscribe to PR Fuel, visit:

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