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4 Reasons PR Campaigns Fail

April 08 2010

I’m a firm believer in studying the mistakes made by other PR campaigns so you can avoid making them yourself. Forget learning from your own mistakes. That’s too costly. The goal should be to let other people make the mistakes, you learn from them, and you never make mistakes at all. Read More

Training Your Employees to be Brand Ambassadors

April 07 2010

You can spend all the time you want writing a plan to build your brand, and you can create marketing materials and advertisements that reflect your branding goals too. But if you don’t train your employees to be ambassadors for your brand, it’ll all be for nothing. See, your brand is more than a tagline. It’s more than a logo. Your brand extends from the products you sell all the way to the way your employees interact with customers. Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Optimizing Your Press Release

April 06 2010

As press release distribution has shifted from an offline to an online activity, a growing number of marketers are realizing the potential press releases have for increasing a company’s search engine presence. Simply put, SEO and press release writing go hand in hand these days. Read More

How to Write Press Release Leads

April 05 2010

There’s nothing more disappointing than announcing your great news to the world through a press release only to wait by a phone that doesn’t ring or an email inbox that remains forlornly empty. Your story was newsworthy! Why did no one care? Well, guess what. Sometimes it’s not your news – it’s your press release. Read More

7 Ways to Establish Good Relationships with Reporters

April 02 2010

To people seeking press attention for a story, reporters can be like unfathomable magical creatures. When one does call in response to a press release, it’s like a visit from a unicorn. More often, reporters are like the Loch Ness Monster – rumored to exist, but rarely seen or heard from. When you have news but no one seems to be biting, it is easy to perceive reporters as exotic species always out of reach. Read More

Public Relations: Not Just the Spin Zone

April 01 2010

Ask a stranger in a coffee shop what comes to mind when she thinks of public relations, and chances are she will say something along the lines of “spin” or “covering up a scandal.” And its true that the only time the average person sees a public relations professional is when they are advising a politician or celebrity or apologizing for a corporate screw-up. With that perception firmly in the public eye, it’s easy to see why public relations as a profession has developed a public relations problem of its own. Read More

How to Use Feature Stories as a Public Relations Tool

March 31 2010

In journalism terms, a feature story is an “evergreen” story, meaning that its significance won’t fade over time. While the exploits of the latest celebutant have a limited shelf life, evergreen feature stories can run at any time.  Read More

5 Tips for Identifying Your Unique Selling Point

March 30 2010

One of the things we talk about quite often on here is how important it is to be different. You need to have a different message … a different brand that your target audience can connect to. After all, if you’re no different than anyone else in your industry, why should customers do business with you? And why should journalists cover your story? Read More

The History of the Press Release

March 29 2010

The Origin of the Press Release and Its Importance to Public Relations

Have you ever heard the story of how a young man named Ivy Lee responded to a tragedy that took the lives of more than 50 people and used it to create what would become a mainstay of any public relations effort? Don’t worry if you haven’t. The truth is that most public relations practitioners haven’t either. Read More

Does Article Marketing Still Work?

March 29 2010

Article marketing is one of the oldest online marketing tools around. Because it’s been around for so long, some claim that article marketing is no longer effective. They believe online marketing efforts are better focused on social media marketing and other newer techniques. Read More