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Public Relations is a 24/7 Task

May 03 2010

Wouldn’t it be nice if maintaining the image of your company was a 9-5 job? You could focus all your energy during that time on building your brand and earning the trust of your customers, and on nights and weekends, you could forget it all and just let loose. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Read More

5 Rules for Getting Your Press Release Noticed

April 29 2010

Editors and reporters receive hundreds of press releases all day long. Every time they look up, another one is in their inbox or on their desk. This means you have a lot of competition. The more press releases that are sent out, the better your story has to be to stand out from the crowd. Read More

The Myth of the Social Media Expert

April 28 2010

As social media marketing has risen to prominence, it seems like a day doesn’t go by where I don’t come across a blog post or an article telling me how I need to use social media. Everyone thinks he or she is a social media expert. Honestly, I’m pretty sick of it. Read More

Top Reasons to Target Smaller Local Media Outlets

April 27 2010

You have a great story to tell. You’ve written up an interesting press release, and you’re hoping to land some serious coverage from the media. What do you do now? Who do you send your press release to? Read More

The 5 Rules of Blog Etiquette

April 26 2010

With hundreds of millions of blogs crowding the internet, the blogosphere can be a little bit like the Wild, Wild West at times. People say and do whatever they want, and decency and respect are thrown out the window. Read More

What is a Backgrounder and Why Should PR Pros Use Them?

April 23 2010

When eBay or Google sends out a press release, reporters can be pretty sure that it’s legit. But if you are doing public relations for a new company or one that has traditionally shied from the limelight, you will want to introduce yourself to the media. A great way to get all the pertinent information about your company to the media quickly and accurately is by providing a backgrounder. Read More

How PR Professionals Get Stories Placed in Magazines

April 22 2010

Exposure in magazines can be a great way to garner publicity for your organization, though lately there are fewer and fewer of them. Because of this, it’s important that a PR professional use all of her savvy when pitching a story to a magazine. Follow these tips to keep your pitch out of the “circular file.” Read More

13 Ways to Position Yourself as a Trusted Resource

April 19 2010

Trust. It’s something you’re always trying to gain … especially in this new online marketplace where customers have a hard time trusting anybody. Read More

3 Times When You Shouldn’t Write a Press Release

April 16 2010

Here on the PR Fuel blog, we spend a lot of time offering tips for press release writing, covering everything from how to hook editors with strong openings to fact checking your press release. Today, I want to go in a little bit of a different direction. I want to talk about not writing press releases. More specifically, I want to discuss the situations when you shouldn’t write a press release because it’s a waste of your time. Read More

Press Releases Are For More Than Just Launches

April 14 2010

It seems like the only time a lot of companies think about writing and distributing a press release is when they have a new product or service they’re launching. It makes sense. You’re about to release a new product, and you want everyone to know about it. You want to build some buzz around it so consumers will be excited about pre-ordering and buying your product when it comes out (Apple iPad, anyone?). Read More