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Exposing the Top 5 Customer Service Myths

February 16 2010

Excellent customer service is the cornerstone of most successful businesses. Without great service, you risk alienating your target audience and losing business to your competition. Everyone seems to know this, but why do so many businesses still provide poor customer service? Perhaps it’s because they’re buying into these customer service myths. Read More

Top Tips for Proofreading Your Press Release

February 15 2010

When you’re sending out a press release, you want to make sure it isn’t riddled with typos or grammar errors as mistakes undermine your credibility and make you look like an amateur. Admittedly, proofreading is one of my least favorite activities, but I have a few tips and tricks that make the process a little bit easier. Read More

Using Customer Pain Points to Tell Your Story

February 12 2010

You want to tell your story, but you just don’t know how. How do you grab the journalist’s attention and make them say “Wow, this is a story I have to cover!”? Read More

Reputation Management: Dominating the Search Results for Your Company Name

February 09 2010

Search engines have become a heavily used tool by consumers gearing up for a purchase. In fact, a study by Enquiro found that customers turn to search engines often for guidance during the buying process. Notice the percentage of customers who turn to search engines during various stages of the buying cycle. Read More

When (Not) to Hold a Press Conference

February 08 2010

If television and the movies are to be believed, press conferences are the backbone of the public relations industry.  Every time a character in a movie makes good, he or she is often seen standing in front of microphones from the likes of the BBC and CNN while dodging rapid fire questions from reporters.  But the operative phrase there is “in the movies.” Read More

5 Tips for the Perfect Elevator Pitch

February 05 2010

Whether you’re trying to interest a customer in your products/services or you’re trying to grab the attention of a reporter, having a strong elevator pitch is the key to your success. Like its name implies, an elevator pitch is a strong, concise pitch that you can deliver in the time it takes to share an elevator ride with a prospect. Read More

The 4 Characteristics of an Effective PR Campaign

February 03 2010

What makes some PR campaigns successful while others are flops? While there are a lot of variables in every PR campaign, I’ve come to realize that the most successful campaigns share 4 things in common. Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Press Release Writing

February 02 2010

When you send out a press release, you’re competing with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of other press releases. How can you cut through all this clutter to separate yourself from the pack? Well, like the old saying goes, “Content is king.” Read More

Top 20 PR Blogs You Should Be Reading

February 01 2010

Let’s be honest: PR Fuel isn’t the only PR blog out there. And while I like to think we do a good job of providing useful information here, the truth is there are some other truly great PR blogs. So, if you want a well-rounded education, I highly recommend following these blogs. Read More

PR Pros, Don’t Ignore the Power of

January 28 2010

When the Internet first gained mass popularity, its novelty was the fact that it allowed people to chat with others from all around the world. And while that novelty is still alive and well, people are now increasingly using the internet to navigate their everyday living spaces. Read More