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How to Monitor Social Media for Potential Crises

September 19 2013

When it comes to a business crisis scenario, we’re talking about a very real possibility of your company facing some legitimate damage. These damages could include any of the following: Read More

Is There a Writing Style You Should Use for Good PR?

September 17 2013

There are a couple of things you need to decide before you start writing, regardless of the type of piece you’re looking to produce. Whether you’re composing the next great American novel or a sales brochure, the first thing you need is to figure out who your reader is. This is called your target audience. Read More

How to Use Your Secret Weapon—Body Language

September 13 2013

You’ve heard how important body language is, but you probably don’t realize just how important it really is. We’ve been talking a lot about media interviews and how you should or should not handle them. Most of that has to do with your prep work and how you actually answer the questions. But there’s another key we haven’t really touched on. Read More

It’s Important to Know Why Your Customers Love You

September 11 2013

It’s kind of a strange question when you get down to it – “why do my customers love me so much?” It’s more than just looking a gift horse in the mouth; it can come off as self-deprecating or a little needy. But the reality behind it is you do need to know why your customers love you to help you grow your business.
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Dealing with Picky Journalists and Editors

September 03 2013

Getting your press release or news story into a newspaper, on TV, or even a journalist’s blog can be an uphill battle. It makes it that much worse when the journalist or editor is super picky. After the fifth round of third degree questioning, and a brutal fact checking, it can seem like they just don’t like YOU and it has nothing to do with the material you’ve sent them. Read More

Building a Better “Mousetrap”

September 02 2013

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.” This misquote from Ralph Waldo Emerson has become the standard motto for every inventor who strives to make the next big thing. According to the Wikipedia article, many have taken the phrase quite literally, with over 4,400 patents for actual new mousetraps. Read More

A PR Pro is Like Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

August 30 2013

 When you enter into the public relations world you should be prepared to see some strange things. A PR pro is like Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole and journeys into Wonderland. She runs into some bizarre sights and meets some very interesting characters, but in the end she comes out stronger for it after never losing her cool.  Read More

5 Signs Your Campaign is Finally Working

August 29 2013

You’ve spent hours, days, weeks, even months designing what you think is the perfect PR campaign. Over time, though, you start to wonder if it’s even working. Money coming is one thing, but is that truly the sign of success? Are you really relating to the public? Read More

4 Vital Elements to Include in Your Press Release

August 28 2013

Think your press release is all sewn up and ready to go? Hold up! You may be leaving out some vital information in every one.  If you’ve ever wondered why your press releases aren’t getting picked up more often it’s possibly because they’re incomplete!  Read More

Sometimes Thinking Inside the Box Works Best

August 27 2013

Everyone’s heard the “think outside the box” saying enough over the years. It’s such a cliché that I’ve heard of some offices that have banned the phrase because everyone was too busy rolling their eyes to engage in discourse. It’s become a catch-all saying when a manager wants his or her employees to do things a little differently.  Read More