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Ahh! Nothing like the New Year to get the creative juices flowing and to blow the dust off the old website. You might have been keeping a list of things you’d like to incorporate into your new site, if you ever got around to updating it. Or you might have seen some other websites and noticed how clean and well-designed they seem.

Let’s go through a few ways to update your website or blog—some are a bit more work intensive than others, but the benefits definitely outweigh the time spent.

  1. Mobile First Websites—If you’re doing a redesign, consider starting with one that is responsive and mobile friendly first. You want a design that works on all platforms as a large majority of people will view your site through their phone or tablet.
  2. Animations—A simple, clean animation on your site will really draw your customers in with great storytelling. You can have it work as you scroll down the page or as your customers move from link to link. The animation needs to be smooth and quiet, this not the time for loud or obnoxious sounds.
  3. Signing Up—Most websites have a pop-up that allows a visitor to input their email address in order to get free content. You can also have a visitor use their Facebook to sign up for more content for your website. This is a great way to grow your audience and stay in touch with them.
  4. Custom Images—Stock images are going away as more and more business owners want photography that shows who they are and what they do on a day to day basis. This personalization really helps the customer connect with your business and, in the long run, grows that relationship.
  5. Bespoke Fonts & Layouts—When you have your custom branding done, be sure to extend that to the design of the website with a custom typography and layout. The website should really reflect your business and all of the material should tie in together.
  6. Video Marketing—Along with animation, video marketing is a great way to gain a customer’s attention right at the outset. Some studies have shown that by 2018, 79% of consumer internet traffic will be video so creating rich, dynamic clips now is a great way to get ahead of the game.
  7. Cards—Sites like Pinterest use cards to deliver a lot of information in a small, easy to digest format for users. This way they easily navigate to what appeals to them and dismiss what doesn’t. Consider breaking up some of the information provided on your website into cards for your visitors.

Another big idea for 2017 will be bold colors as companies are moving away from humdrum brands and color schemes. Really, there are a ton of ways to set your website apart from the crowd.

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