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Everyone says that they have “the perfect formula” for writing a great sales page that will move visitors into making a purchase. If “everyone” does have the perfect formula, who do you trust? It can be hard to make decisions about how to write the copy and the call to action. Where you put each piece of the page really needs to be a reflection of your company and how you interact with your customers. Here are 10 must-haves when it comes to writing a converting sales page:

  1. Headlines—Perhaps the most important piece of your sales page, your headline must make the reader want to see what’s going to happen next. The headline should also let the reader know that what you are selling applies to them.
  2. Teasers—In this part, you want to have a conversation with your reader about more of the specifics regarding your product or services. Use this time to establish a relationship with your customer and let them know that your company understands what they need.
  3. Tell a Story—Another way to establish a connection with your customers is to tell the story behind your products or services. Give them an example of why someone has used your company previously and what they can expect from you.
  4. Subheadings—By using subheadings, you make it easy for the reader to understand why they should read a certain section. Include them as you make your way through the sales page.
  5. Testimonials—Share an anecdote from a long time customer so that visitors can feel more at ease with your customer service, which helps them make a purchase.
  6. Details—While you are writing your content for the sales page, include details on the company, its founder, and its employees. Using this technique makes the reader feel familiar with your work.
  7. Confirmation—Your potential buyers want to know that a product works, so walk them through a specific scenario to put them at ease.
  8. Guarantee—Same with knowing that a product works, they also want to know that they have a way to negotiate should the product or service ever not work. Make sure that the guarantee is visible on your sales page.
  9. Make a Deal—Show them that your company’s products and services are worth a great deal more than they are paying and that they are making a great decision by buying with you.
  10. The Closer—Lastly, end with a strong call to action that encourages the visitors to make a purchase. You can use phrases like “Join Us” or “Get Access.”

Keep in mind that the sales page reflects how you do business. Use it to demonstrate the golden rule; that you treat your customers the way that you want to be treated. Moreover keep the language on your page conversational and friendly to increase sales.

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