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Writing a press release isn’t always easy. The public relations department, which must pitch the release, wants to have a say in its content. The subjects quoted in the release, often high-level executives, want to make sure they sound professional and intelligent. Business partners mentioned in a press release want to ensure that their image remains intact. Writing a press release can take days and dozens of drafts, so the question must be asked: Who should write your press releases?

In a perfect world a public relations department will work with everyone involved to get a press release to the point where it’s ready to be unleashed on the world. But not every company has a trained public relations professional at their disposal, and not every PR person is a good writer. I know public relations reps who can use the written word in a way that would make Hemingway blush, but their verbal skills would make even a child laugh. And there are the publicists who have silver tongues but are all thumbs when it comes to writing.

Who Writes Press Releases?

A press release is typically crafted by a company’s PR team, freelance writers, or a specialized press release service, rather than by journalists or reporters. They focus on the newsworthy aspects of the story. Once written, press releases should be distributed to the leading press release distribution platform, PR Newswire, providing extensive reach and visibility for the news story.

Small Company Issue: Who Takes Care of Publicity and Press Coverage?

If you’re part of a small company, have public relations tacked onto whatever job you usually do, and possibly have no clue how to write, much less properly format, a press release, you’re probably asking this question too: who should write press releases for your company?

A press release is the media’s window to your company’s world, so it makes sense that whoever is tasked with writing it knows what they’re doing. There are many solutions available to solve this problem:

1. A press release writing service

Let us write press releases for you

There are a number of press release writing services available through a simple search on Google. Some just write press releases, and others have additional publicity-related services they can perform on your behalf.
One of the best at this is eReleases.com – which offers a high-quality press release writing service for a fixed fee. More on that in a moment.

2. Technical writers

Many technical writers make a career out of simply writing press releases, marketing materials, or inter-office corporate communications materials.

3. Professional journalists

There are plenty of professional journalists who moonlight by writing press releases and marketing material, usually for companies they normally wouldn’t cover as part of their duties. Poke around internet job boards to find someone with a solid journalism background who can churn high-quality press releases on the cheap while the getting isn’t so good in their chosen profession.

4. Someone on staff who can write

I know office managers who write great press releases, and rightfully so. A job title means little and you will be surprised to find that some of your company’s most talented wordsmiths are often the people who don’t write as part of their normal job task. I’ve seen techies who can write circles around marketing people and executives who don’t know how to use spell check. Consider querying your available staff, regardless of job title, about their writing capabilities.

We have a number of resources that can help if you elect to have someone on staff write a press release for you, or if you’re assigned to do it yourself, including:

Who Should Write Your Press Releases? The Ideal Solution

Here at eReleases.com we’re proud to say that we’ve put together the ideal solution for anyone struggling with the question of who should write your press releases. Let us write them for you!

Why are we so bold in saying that?

Because our press release writing service was designed specifically to solve the major issues most companies who hire a press release writing service encounter. At eReleases.com:

  • Our press release writing service is staffed by professional editors and writers. 

We’re not hiring newbies with a freshly-minuted PR Bachelor’s degree, who have never actually gotten anything in print. We only hire professionals who are skilled and experienced, with many successfully picked-up press releases in their background.

And, since all we do is edit, write, and distribute press releases every day, we know what works, what doesn’t, and have a clear understanding of what it takes right now to get pickup of your press release and feature stories written about you.

That’s what happens when you work with professionals!

  • Our press release writing service has no salespeople. 

Unlike other companies where you only talk with salespeople who are paid to get your business, we don’t even have salespeople on our staff. When you talk with us, you’re communicating with the professional editors who will work on your press release, so you’ll get the best possible, practical advice and answers to your question.

  • eReleases charges you a fixed cost for your press release writing.

No variable hourly rates here. When you order a press release you’ll know exactly what it will cost and when you can expect to receive it.

  • eReleases works fast

The average turnaround time for a press release at eReleases is less than one week, and we can do it faster for a small additional fee.

  • eReleases offers significant discounts when you combine press release writing with press release distribution.

Unlike other services that give you a finished press release, then wish you luck taking things from there, eReleases specializes in getting your press release in front of the people who are most likely to pick it up and write stories about you. That’s why we offer special prices to those who buy a package of press release writing and distribution services. 

After all, isn’t that why you’re writing a press release in the first place?

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