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Every once in awhile, your small business has some exciting news to share. This could be an event targeting your current and potential customers. Or you’re making improved changes to your products or services.

Whatever the reason may be, you need to spread the word to the right people. This is why most businesses use the best press release distribution service they can find.

You should note a press release distribution service may not always guarantee media coverage. It will, however, get your press release to your target audience. Making sure your press releases reach the right people is half the battle.

Do you want your business’s press releases to reach a bigger and better audience? Then you must check out how you can find the best press release distribution service to fit your needs!

What Is a Press Release Distribution Service?

The purpose of the best press release distribution services is to share your press release with news media and journalists. From there, the journalists will decide which press releases to use in their blogs, TV news bulletins, newspapers, radio, or podcasts.

The goal is to have your press release reach a wider audience. If you don’t send out your press release out to the right avenues, it won’t get seen. Securing quality press coverage will get more eyes on your brand, thus building greater brand awareness.

Look For the Best Press Release Distribution Service

The most challenging part businesses face is finding the right press release distribution service for their needs. With so many options flooding the market, how can you decide which one is best for you? Here’s exactly what you and your business should be looking for in a press release distribution service.

1. Focus on Quality

A credible press release service should focus on quality, not the quantity of press releases. Some search engines, such as Google, look down upon duplicate content.

If a press release service focuses on how it can reach thousands of different endpoints, you may want to steer clear. The other issue with this is there’s no guarantee your press release isn’t properly carried out within their software or platform.

Pay attention to how the distribution service uses high authority media sites and leverages their rank-boosting power. Doing so will ensure your press releases and brand demonstrate your authority, trust, and expertise in your industry.

2. Ease of Use

The process of signing up for an online press release distribution service should be quick and easy. The best distribution services offer exceptional user experience with every aspect of their software.

Once you’ve created your account, submitting your press releases should also be an intuitive process. When you submit your press release, the platform will automatically review and send it to the right news channels. The best distribution services should send you a detailed report regarding the results.

Take note of the platform’s customer support services. If you run into an issue, will they be able to help you and resolve the problem in a timely manner? Checking the reviews and testimonials is a great way to learn more about customer support.

3. Check the List of Outlets

Which outlets does the press release distribution service offer? Outlets include aggregators, news websites, content systems, and media outlets.

Some distribution services offer different tiers and plans with the higher-end ones, including more outlets than the free versions. The geographical scope of your press release will also determine the number of outlets available.

While more outlets may increase your coverage, having more isn’t always better. Too many outlets can cause duplicates of your content.

4. Check the Additional Services

The best online press release distribution services offer additional services to further boost your presence across the media. A couple of key services include extended distribution and methods to make managing the process easy.

But many services go far beyond that to optimize your brand, press release, and site demonstrate their authority and expertise. Other services worth checking into are:

  • WordPress plugins that automate the distribution process while creating individual digital media from your website
  • A custom media page that automatically syncs and publishes content on your website
  • Boost indexing and searchability by keeping press release links live for 90 days rather than the traditional 30 days
  • Video option to convert your press releases into a custom video
  • Embed in-line images and videos easily with no extra charge

A quality press release service can offer many extra features to boost the presence of your press releases, SEO (search engine optimization), and brand awareness.

5. The Price and Your Budget

How much does it cost to distribute a press release? The answer is it depends. Some services are free, while others can cost a business thousands of dollars.

Most press release services don’t have a single price. You’ll find some services will have an annual membership fee along with varying prices based on the scope of your distribution.

For example, many distribution services will have a base cost for the basic distribution of the release. From there, you’ll find additional costs when adding a specific scope of distributions, extra features, and other media add-ons.

A good distribution service will offer an easy-to-understand pricing table. This will give you a better idea of exactly what you’ll be paying and if it will fit into your company’s budget.

There are also reduced priced and free service options available. Depending on your budget, these may be good options. However, you often get what you pay for. 

More Perks

The perks of using the best press release services means you’ll get your press releases out to hundreds, if not thousands of outlets. Many will help you reach your target audience by industry and location.

Some distribution services will offer assistance with the writing process for businesses who don’t have the time or experience to write a release. These extra press release features include assistance with writing, editing, consultation, and proofing.

Find the Best Press Release Distribution Service Today!

Does your business have exciting news to share or big even planned?! Make the most of it by using the best press release distribution service.

Want to learn more or have questions? Let us know. We’re here to help you with all of your press release distribution and writing needs!

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