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Press releases are published, on average, between 500 and 1,000 times per day on newswire services. Most of the time, local and national outlets will simply ignore most of these releases. So, for yours to gain coverage, it needs to tick all the boxes. Writing a great press release can be complicated though, and most media professionals start out bypress release samplesusing press release samples.

They can help you learn ways to navigate media landscapes and get people’s attention. Without that, people may not know your product even exists.

And with experience, you can create press releases that stand out from the crowd and help you make headlines. Keep reading to learn more about how to write a good press release and how much it can do for your company!

1. Use Statistics to Show Your Product’s Value

One of the most effective strategies when it comes to advertising your product is to sell it with statistics. Your press release should capture reporters’ attention by leading with fascinating statistics they can tie into a story. Don’t be surprised if your lead becomes their lead!

For example, Value Penguin recently sent out a press release on the number of people who put children in car seats. The subject line read, “1 in 5 Americans Don’t Put Kids in Car Seats – And It’s Really Risky.” This is a perfect strategy for many reasons.


First, it naturally captures the reader’s attention. They are immediately invested in learning more since it is about children’s safety. Plus, the number of parents who don’t use car seats is unexpectedly staggering!

The subject line also invites reporters to ask questions about the data. Why are so many parents forgoing such a basic safety component, and what can be done? Then, they naturally link to the report, which includes an online press release.

And in that online press release are strategic funnels to lead reporters and audiences to the real product — insurance. The roads are dangerous with so many children out of car seats, so audiences should make sure to protect themselves!

2. If You See a Need, Address It

One thing companies love to do is tie their products in with popular topics and headlines. Right now, travel headlines are grabbing people’s attention as tourists wonder if they can go on vacation. They are worried about COVID-19 restrictions, and their overall safety.

One company, Scott’s Cheap Flights, prepared a press release exactly about these concerns. The subject line was captivating, telling reporters and audiences exactly what they wanted to hear. It was “Some good travel news for a change.”

The press release saw people needed assurance that they would have the chance to go on vacation soon. They also saw reporters were struggling to find information about traveling. That kind of information is not usually available during the winter.

With a shortage of sources for information, the company could naturally attract reporters. Then, they could drive reporters to their surveys and therefore, their products. And as a result of the stories they produce, reporters would naturally lead people to Scott’s Cheap Flights.

3. Give Reporters A Chance To Interview Leaders

A new app recently launched that looks to fill a need that many people may not realize exists. Many times, reporters struggle to find experts qualified to speak on a topic they’re covering. Experts may not make themselves available, or too few people may know enough about the subject.

So, a company launched SKILLR. The app is meant to connect people with leading experts who can provide information on a range of topics. But that’s not the interesting part.

The interesting part is the way they approached their release about the product launch. An app meant to be used by reporters needs a press release that also attracts reporters’ attention. And for that, they offered what the press always wants — an interview.

The subject led with an invitation for reporters to interview the CEO of the company. If their product launch wasn’t enough to attract news stories, a guaranteed interview with the CEO definitely would have. And it really doesn’t take much time out of their day.

The Advantages of Going on Camera

An interview can take up to 10 minutes, and they’re advantageous for companies. During an interview, business leaders can make sure the best information about their product is front and center in a story. They can also identify and address any concerns with a product quickly.

Speaking with the press also boosts the company’s brand, since it shows there are people behind it. A brand is only as good as the people who work on it. And by speaking with reporters, customers can develop a kind of parasocial relationship with business leaders.

It will make them more comfortable, and even excited, to download their app.

4. If You Don’t See Good News, Make It

For many months, Hobby Lobby’s brand was damaged by its decision to underpay employees and abuse their schedules. The company faced stories of its overbearing policies and unreasonable work conditions. It was hurting sales and costing them profit.

So, they reversed course and instead of waiting for things to change, they took action. They sent out a press release in mid-2020 that announced changes. And in that press release, they directly addressed one of the biggest criticisms they faced: employee pay.

They wrote that employees would suddenly be making more than double the federal minimum wage at its stores. This was exciting for the employees, but even more exciting for the business leaders. Suddenly, instead of headlines about the company’s labor violations, they saw headlines that put them in a positive light.

In theory, the headlines may have come weeks after deciding to raise the pay. But writing a press release that directly addressed existing issues sped up the process. The company did not have to wait for its brand to recover, a decent press release did it practically overnight.

And they had a chance to pair the press release with announcements of new products, which naturally drove up sales.

Model Your Release After Effective Press Release Samples

If you’re struggling to write a good media release, there’s a simple way to improve them. All you need to do is model them after some press release samples. Just like in anything else, you need to learn from the masters before you can start producing something of great quality.

And one of the best ways to learn is to work with experts side-by-side. And for that, we’re here. All you need to do is reach out to us, and we will start crafting effective press releases that you can use for your product launch.

And you can also take a look at our press release samples to learn more about our work!

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