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In this age of social media, you may wonder why your company should even bother to write and issue press releases. Newspapers have less influence, and we can be our own publishers, right?

Press releases are still relevant in today’s crowded media landscape. If you know how to draft one, in addition to how to use the best press release distribution channels, you can reach a wide audience with a persuasive message. This can lead to higher brand recognition and increased sales.

The Benefits to a Great Press Release 

Press Still Matters

Your website may extol the virtues of your product, with video and testimonials. Your followers on Instagram may be through the roof.

However, the imprimatur of a third-party reviewer will always raise the status of your goods or service.  

When a reporter covers your launch, interviews your CEO, or praises your service,  consumers tend to have a higher degree of trust than when they get the information directly from the company. They understand that you might leave out negative details.

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On the other hand, a positive review or article from a trusted source can play a huge role in boosting your business. 

For example, if your restaurant gets a great review in the New York Times, you can bet your tables will get booked up fast! How do you get the attention of that newspaper’s reviewer? Issue a press release about a reopening, a new chef, or your recent philanthropic efforts. 

When you distribute a press release properly, you can expect much wider “pick up” by all kinds of media than you would get from Facebook or Instagram posts. Some media will write a story inspired by your release. Others may run it verbatim! 


Distributing a press release will do more than just get the attention of reporters.  Many outlets will run it on their own wires. This enhances your SEO or search engine optimization.

The more outlets that run your piece, the higher your news will appear on Google and other search engines.  A press release distributed the right way will make sure your company or product name shows up prominently when people search for related terms. 

You Control the Message

When you issue a press release before other people write about your product, you control the message. You place your product in context, position it within the market, and set the tone.

If there is a crisis regarding your company, you can also use a press release to control the message. You can get your executives out in front of the issue, apologize if necessary, and show how you will be changing your systems to make things right. 

Failing to respond quickly and succinctly can create huge PR problems.

How to Distribute Your Press Release

Watch Your Budget

There are a variety of press release distribution companies to choose from. Don’t automatically choose the one with the biggest name: shop around.

You may not need to reach an international audience. You may not even need to reach potential customers in other states. Your business needs may not require the biggest, most famous distribution vehicle. 

A good distribution service will offer cost-effective ways to get your releases out to the regions and demographics that will be most helpful to you. Talk to account reps,  who should be able to advise you on the best way to get your news out there. 

Target Your Audience

A superior distribution service will offer ways to target your release to specific lists. 

Only a certain kind of news really needs to go out to a national distribution list.  Groundbreaking discoveries, significant business deals, and political events are some examples of stories that may appeal to a country-wide audience.

However, you are likely to have more luck reaching the people you want to reach if you can target your distribution. This can be done by geography or area of interest.

For example,  if you have created an innovative software product to help businesses in the tech industry, you may want to distribute your news to media which covers technology. On the other hand,  a new mustard product should be announced to consumer, retail, and food outlets.

You can get more news attention when you have a good hook. For example, if your company president is based in Baltimore, you should include Maryland in your geographic distributions. Reporters always like to run “local kid does well” stories.  You can also send out news to areas where you have stores or manufacturing centers. 

You will get a much better return when you strategize your targets instead of sending out blindly and scattershot. 

Track Your Analytics 

Another great value in a good press release distribution service will be in its reporting. You will want to see who your news reached.

Look for reporting that breaks down your audience in as many ways as possible. See if people clicked through on links, and how long they stayed on your page. 

This reporting can help you tailor your marketing to make each successive release even more targeted. For example,  if you see that a high percentage of women are following your news, or that you are attracting a mostly older audience, you can customize your messaging accordingly.

Many people are surprised at the analytics they receive from their press releases.  CEOs may think that certain events are hot news or that a specific headline will really grab attention and steer the communications that way.

Analytics will show if they were right or not. The data does not lie. 

Grow Your Audience with the Best Press Release Distribution Strategy For Your Business 

Choosing an effective and economical press release distribution service will help grow your business by expanding your audience. It will help boost your brand in the marketplace and help you control how people perceive your product.

The best press release distribution service will do more than blast out your news. It will advise you on the best way to accomplish your business goals. It will help tailor your lists and content. It will help you stay within budget. 

If you want to find the best press release distribution company for you, contact us for more information. We can help. 

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