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how to write a good press release

Writing press releases can become tedious after your hundredth time which can result in bad writing. It’s always good to reevaluate your writing process now and then so things stay fresh. Did you know that millennials are 247% more likely to be influenced by social media and blogs than past generations?

A good press release is arguably more important than it ever has been so getting it wrong can have dire consequences. Take a look at how to write a good press release and what to avoid during your process.

1. Loss of Focus Press Release Mistake

Many writers have the good intention of trying to grab many audiences at one time by cramming different themes into one piece. Unfortunately, the only result of this is confusion. The best thing any writer can do before a press release is sit down and think about what they want to write.

Brainstorm your ideas and set yourself clear goals. If you have multiple subjects to talk about, make sure to create a hierarchy that allows each subject to flow into the next naturally. Narrow down your audience and keep them in mind throughout the whole process.

2. Unnatural and Boring Writing – PR Killer

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No matter what you’re writing, you’re still a storyteller. People want to be engaged in your writing and excited about what comes next. If all you’re doing is throwing statistics and quotes at your audience, they’re going to get bored (no matter what the rules of SEO are).

As you write, connect with your audience on life and experiences you know they’re likely to have gone through. If you can hook your reader in the first few sentences, you stand a chance of getting across the information you need.

3. Formatting Issues in News Releases

Does your press release look appealing to the eye? Many people prefer to look at pictures or videos on social media for their information, not only because they’re more appealing to the eye but because they’re often less time-consuming. Life is busy and consumers want information on a pretty plate.

Your press release should be formatted in a way that makes it easily scannable. Consider writing a press release in bite-size pieces or creating a video to enhance the reader’s experience. This is vital for small business PR who may be targetting as many new consumers as old ones.

4. Press Releases with Too Many Links

Links are great for quickly taking a consumer to where they want to be. They’ll also count towards your search engine ranking points. However, too many links will make your release look cluttered and they could become annoying for readers.

You should always thoroughly consider the links you put in your writing. Are they relevant to your audience? Are they helping you meet your goals?

Some links could cause your readers to leave your page without finishing the content. Ask yourself if the links enhance your piece of writing and if they don’t, cut them out.

5. Forgetting to Use Visuals in Your PR

As mentioned above, visuals are more important than ever. If someone can grab the information they need from a visual instead of spending time reading an article, they will. Many press releases remain plain writing, even though it’s obvious that consumers need visuals.

The best thing about visuals is that they can be shared. Small businesses have always benefitted from word of mouth and this continues today, in a different form. Today consumers will share on social media, send screenshots through messages, or add visuals to their stories.

However, similarly to the links, visual stuffing can look messy and cause confusion and frustration. Choose your visuals wisely and make sure they’re appropriate to the story you’re telling.

Write the Important Details in the Press Release

You wouldn’t believe how many writers forget to add essential details to press releases. For example, anyone who hasn’t heard of your business before is going to need some background. Consumers need to know where you’ve come from, what your products are about, and what your business stands for.

They need to know this in a quick and easy few lines rather than an essay on the history of soap. They all need to be pointed to the places they can find you – websites, social media platforms, and business contact numbers.

Press Release Writing – Let Someone Do It For You

The prospect of writing a press release today can be daunting, especially with ever-changing algorithms and social media trends. It’s easy to make PR mistakes without realizing them. For many small businesses, it can make sense to let a professional write and distribute the work for them.

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How to Write a Good Press Release for Your Business

Running a business is stressful enough without having to worry about press releases. So, if you’re wracking your brain on how to write a good press release, it’s best to leave it to someone else. E Releases has everything you need to get the job done and take the weight off your shoulders.

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