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What’s the Perfect Press Release Title?

March 12 2014

Is there such a thing as a perfect press release title? Obviously there are good and bad ones: titles that grab attention and titles that are easily skipped. But as far as perfect, does such a thing exist?  Read More

Recent Press Releases That Show You How It’s Done

March 05 2014

Need help with your press release efforts? Looking at samples of press releases is often the best way to know if you’re doing the best job with your own writing. One tendency is to stick to the past and look at press releases that have been successful before.  Read More

Don’t Mistake Low ROI for No Potential

February 28 2014

Return on Investment (ROI) is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when a PR or social media campaign is going to work out and totally be worth your time. Other times campaigns can take forever and it feels like your efforts will ever come to fruition no matter what you do. It doesn’t help that human behavior is almost entirely unpredictable and something that should be a sure thing just…isn’t.  Read More

Why Being a Good Listener is the Most Important Part of Networking

February 26 2014

We live in an egocentric culture. Many of us are lead to believe, from day one, that the world should revolve around us. It’s all about me, me, me. Well, it sounds great in theory, but it just isn’t true. And if that’s the way you choose to run your business, well…you’re going to fail. Read More

10 Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring an Event

February 21 2014

Have you been asked to sponsor an event like a trade show? Or maybe the thought has crossed your mind as a way to get good press? Here are a few questions you need to ask before making the decision. Read More

Finding the Best Way to Say “Oops, Our Bad”

February 03 2014

Apologizing is never an easy thing to do. Even if it comes quickly to you, being humble and accepting blame is still a tough thing to swallow. After all, you have to admit that what you did was not only the wrong thing to do but so wrong it hurt someone physically, mentally, or spiritually. When you think about it, apologizing is pretty deep.  Read More

How to Use Reddit for PR

January 24 2014

 Reddit—it’s uncharted territory for most businesses. And who could blame them? The site is full of people just looking to rain on someone’s parade. The “Redditors” (as they like to be called) are notorious for their cynical, glass-half-empty attitudes and are ready, willing, and able to call out any BS that blips on their radar. It’s enough for the most seasoned PR pro to shake his head and walk away. Read More

No Money? 6 Cheap Alternatives to Sending a Press Release

December 24 2013

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. Sending a press release the right way costs money. If you can’t write very well, you’ll need to pay someone to write your press release for you. But even if you do write your own press releases, you’ll still need to get them in the hands of the right reporters, and that costs money. And before you think posting your press releases on a free press release distribution website, just know that’s a terrible idea for a number of reasons. You won’t get results, and you might even get penalized by Google. Read More

How You Can Make Your Press Releases More Shareable

December 23 2013

Do you often feel like you write a press release, distribute it, and then it goes off to die a sad, lonely death? A lot of people struggle with gaining visibility for their press releases. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to make your press releases more visible and more shareable. Read More

The 5 Things BuzzFeed Can Teach You About Press Release Writing

December 20 2013

It seems like I can’t go a day without seeing a link to a BuzzFeed article. Whether it’s 34 Things That Will Make ‘90s Girls Feel Old or 18 Shocking But True Celebrity Facts, people go crazy for BuzzFeed’s content. The popular site was valued at $200 million earlier this year, so clearly they’re doing something right. And clearly, there is something we as content creators can learn from BuzzFeed. Read More