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What Your PR Team and Sales Team Should Be Doing for Each Other

August 15 2014

Many companies fail to take advantage of internal relationships that could help build their brand and further sales. Case in point—the PR team and the sales team. In many cases, they act like two separate families living in the same town. Maybe they see each other from time to time in passing, but they aren’t related in any way. Read More

Why You Should Be Using Long-tail Keywords in Your Press Releases

August 08 2014

It’s true, if you’re using press releases simply for search engine optimization, you’re “in them” for all the wrong reasons. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to use best SEO standard practices when composing them. And in this day and age, that means using long-tail keywords. Why? Here’s a quick discussion to answer exactly that. Read More

Press Releases During PR Disasters

July 21 2014

You sit down to write your next press release for your company. Just as you start writing your first sentence, you see on the news that your CEO has said something ridiculous and gotten into a ton of trouble over it. The news is reporting it on a constant loop. You realize your press release job just got that much tougher.  Read More

How to React When Good Intentions Backfire Online

July 10 2014

You never set out to intentionally offend or irritate someone. Well, that’s assuming a lot, but I’m going to pretend you’re not out to actively derail your own business. Anyway, it’s typically a surprise when something you thought was totally innocuous turns out to be a newsworthy chance for you to rethink your entire life up to that point.  Read More

Keeping PR Tasks Under Control

June 24 2014

Always feel like you’re running to catch up? Public relations is not a field for the unorganized or easily stressed out. When I first started out I wasn’t keen on suddenly cleaning up my act, but it happened in no time flat anyway. If I didn’t learn how to organize my career would’ve gone up in smoke in no time. There’s just too much to keep track of. Read More

Google Confirms the Importance of PR in SEO

June 20 2014

Most of us have always known that an inextricable link existed between PR and SEO. Earning brand mentions and links from various websites—whether via guest blogging, earned media, etc.—has long been considered to be good for increasing your search engine presence. However, it wasn’t until very recently that we got actual confirmation and behind the scenes insight into how important PR truly is in SEO. Read More

4 PR Moves to Boost Your Crowdfunding Campaign

June 11 2014

Whether you’re using Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another crowdfunding website, you need to find ways to get people interested in your project and giving out their hard-earned money. If you don’t, your campaign might fail and your project could fall on its face.  Read More

Coke is Killing the Press Release. Should You do the Same?

June 09 2014

For years, people have been proclaiming the death of the press release, yet thousands of press releases still get sent out every single day. But when Coca-Cola announced that it was on a mission to “kill the press release,” people started to take notice, and some questioned whether they should follow suit. Read More

How to Properly Research a Reporter before You Pitch Them

June 06 2014

I’ve always believed that the better you know a reporter, the more effectively you can pitch them. When you truly understand a reporter’s interests, his or her audience, how he or she likes to be pitched, and other important details, you’re better equipped to create a personalized pitch they’ll notice and respond to. And plus, reporters appreciate when you know who the hell they are. Read More

Video Best Practices for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

June 03 2014

Crowdfunding only works if you capture your audience’s attention. Like it or not, a video is absolutely the best way to get that attention, no matter what your ultimate project will be.

Read More